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Education:High school
Religion:Spiritual but not religious

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Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Existing as:Human
Likes:tea, hugs, covering art sketch books, fashion, TOPSHOP, Urban Outfitters, Geek, friends, Jack Wills shoes, windy days at the seaside, London, Romeo and Juliet, Gossip Girl, Warwickshire and Bath, Ashes to Ashes, Twilight, crisps, ice-cream, sleepovers, facebook, msn, Disney, tennis, brick phones, camping, tofu,shopping, hair, pink grapefruit flavour from the body shop, cool hair, Abercrombie and Fitch smell :)

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 ellen :)

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