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Main blog:koreanhub
Birthday:November 23rd
Occupation:Unemployed but looking
Education:Graduate degree

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Biography/About:1. i can't live without music, movies and fashion. 2. nor can't i live without friendships, passion and love. 3. writing poems uplifts my soul. 4. some people are meant to live their lives alone. i'm hoping i'm not one of them. 5. the things worth doing in life takes the greatest risks. 6. sometimes there can be no second chances. 7. id rather be hurt and have the greatest love rather than be safe in a lukewarm relationship. 8. laughter that makes my tummy hurt and brings tears to my eyes is the best damn natural high. 9. dancing is one way of expressing myself. 10. falling in love is something i've always anticipated.
Interests:hanging out with friends, photography, poetry, traveling, learning diff. languages, movies

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