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Leaving Behind
I haven't visited this place in ages, and by the looks of my last entry, it was, and maybe still is, a recurrence. I can't even recall any of the html codes I used long ago to edit this blog. I can't read it anymore, it's a lost language. I used this a lot as an ongoing recording of my life, really for my own pleasure. I don't expect anyone to visit me here much. Though a lot has happened, it feels as though I haven't moved much at all.
There she goes...
I miss writing. I don't want it to be a chore anymore - it didn't used to be - I want to find pleasure in it again. Pleasure. . . I don't want to be afraid to write. . . I wonder how many petals I would have to pluck to count the days between me and her. The days. The differences. The experiances. So many moments between today and that girl. She wasn't yesterday. She wasn't even last season... but surely she existed. I miss her sorely.
It's All In your Head
It keeps coming back to me. I know it's a terrible thing to say, but I feel like at some point where I had "everything" ... somewhere along the line, I lost... a part of it. It's a silly feeling. One that makes me feel embaressed of myself. It makes me contiually ask myself: define... "everything." "Everything" is selfish. I don't want "everything" Maybe it's just something in particular. Something in particular I left... somewhere.
This is...
It always feels nice... to know you've gotten through a long day.

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