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General Information

Main blog:Dreadful Prose
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:Weekly


Eyes:Dark Brown

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Rarely
Astrological Sign:Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Existing as:Halfling
Smoking:Trying to quit
Liquor:Gave it up
Exercise:Couch potato
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:an infested individual laughing out bacterial infections... a poison to all poisons... a part-time assassin that lurks around during midnight.. a midsummer night lover that can listen to radio [ene u siento siete ] from dusk till dawn.. a wannabe-oriental-with-so-called- japanese-style! a pseudo-masochist-part-time-lover- with-melodramatic-whine! a certified rocker infuse with high- spirit... -------------- im a natural element that makes the weather!
Likes:BATMAN!; Anything in Black, Red And Green; Kurt Cobain; Zhao Wei
Dislikes:Mushy Stuff. Neon Colors
Interests:Poetry, Homegrown Rock Music, Foreign Rock Music,

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Four Most Recent Entries

-= The Zoo and my lack of sleep! =-
< .... > This entry was definitely the continuation of the previous one. I went home around past 3am. Christian and Renan drove me home. I asked Gary to cover me up from my mother, Hahaha! So I decided not to sleep. Anyway, I just sit down in front of my PC and started transferring files from my cam. I could feel the fireworks inside my head LOL. Zombie I am. at 530am, we decided to go. Destination: Avilon Zoo and Noah's Park, at Rodriguez Rizal. Which is not really from afar from San Mateo. (Hahaha) I forgot to bring my aviator and DAYUMN! I looked like a chinese...
-= Beer + Bands + Music =-
< ... > Wednesday It's Finals Night of Bigway's Battle of the Bands Actually I got confused about the dates. For I got a trip to Avilon Zoo at the 28th. 28th??? The event started at 8pm. It's 9pm already and I'm still at my room. My mother wouldn't let me go. I'm crying like a 16-year old teenager. I even hit my mirror at the wall of my room!! I felt sorry for my fist. It turned purple so quickly! 10pm. I'm already at my way to Bigway's. Hahahaha! :D Yiffeee! \o/ The junkie shutterbug has finally arrived! I brought my cam. And cover the...
-= Waning Gibbous =-
< ... > I've been always fascinated about the moon. It's a magical feeling. And I'm enchanted - deliriously! It's been my favorite subject in my sketches and poetry. I went to bed as early as 2am (yeah, I'm nocturnal!) I toss and turn till 4am. The moon shine so bright, it almost brighten up my whole room. So I took my camera and took a few shots. So, this is what they called Waning Gibbous. WOW! Thanks to my lens and it justified the mood. < ... >
-= Sunny Smiley Sunday =-
< ... > Great Morning it is! This Facebook Status was supposedly posted last night. But I guess I'm already spamming the feed because of the excitement I am feeling. Actually, I'm referring to a has-been-booger of my life. So now there it is. Last night 'twas a blast. I chatted some of my "old friends" Hahaha! If you KNOW what I mean. And last night, I just proved to myself how similar I am to an OS [Operating System] Imagine, while I'm on the phone, I'm texting, I'm chatting and posting some comments and replies. - It was hectic. But I'm all...

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