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Heaven Can Wait
Have you ever cheated the Angel of Death when he is already smiling at you, pointing at his hourglass and saying that your time is up? Well, I did and I defied him a lot of times. But awhile ago, I confronted him again and won. I guess Dude Above wants me to join his side now, eh? Is he lacking soldiers for the great Apocalypse? Does He need badly that he wanted me to die being squished by a truck? What about my corpse? Of course, I want to look good and young at my wake! I went out of the train station and went on my usual place to ride jeeps, since I don't want to wait on that terminal...
Self Revolution
I just came from a camp and I scribbled some notes in my notebook so that the ideas won't ebb away. I've been gloomy for so long, and this is another lonely war tonight, a war within that is difficult to win, a war that has no specific beginning and no probable end, a war that might last a lifetime and this is a war between who you are and who you want to be. Although I want to be somebody else, I simply cannot, maybe because something is barring me. And that something is who am I at this very moment. That's the worst enemy that I ever faced for about seventeen years of my existence. On...
World Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tomorrow, a prayer vigil was bound to be celebrated in the Tan Yan Kee student center in our school. The prayers, of course, are for Lozada, the (in)famous star in this National Broadband Network scam or whatever you want to call it. I really can't see a good reason for orchestrating such a bizarre event aside from Lozada was an alumnus of the university. My section planned to wear black and yellow ribbons as a sign of support for tomorrow's event. Well, I don't know if I'm right but black represents grief for this country and yellow for the institution. Aside from that, I will be...
Limbo of the Lost
If you want something, will you fight for it? Do anything for it? Wait for it come in your grasps like a sail heavily relying on gale's breath without complaining or asking why? Get it and place something at stake? Or just wait for the right time to get it? What if you do not get it? Will you run amuck towards the barren and godforsaken road? Cultivate hate until it overpowers you? Sit on the corner and frown and mourn all day? Carry on as though nothing happened? Or just wait for the right time to get it? Actually, I had the chance to get something that I really wanted for a very long...

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