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i survived 3 days
i'm here! i'm alive! i survived. yesterday was the 3rd day and last day of my military diet. i think the last day of the program had the most miserable meals. yet, it was the easiest for me. i thought of food less, the urge to snack was less, and i wasn't as weak or as hungry or as shaking as the first two. i was a breeze, in fact. the breakfast and lunch went by smoothly. we had dinner, however, with balikbayans on my husband's side of the family that i can't say no to. they had spaghetti, pansit, lechon manok, and a lot more i can't recall (because i had to avoid ogling). and let me...
2nd day of my military diet - pros and cons
i was a wreck on the 2nd day of my 3-day military diet. i was still hungry. i was a little weak. i didn't feel like doing any chore. and had no motivation to workout, not even do some walking. i had to focus my mind on something else other than food. and whenever i pass by the kitchen, i would have to stop myself from grabbing a snack or something to munch on. damn those stick-os, barquillos and pringles sitting on the kitchen counter and those chocolates and juice boxes in the ref! it was a test of self-control, i tell you. i was miserable. i still am. i think this is the longest week...
40 is the new 20
and so here i am again. blogging. sort of. this is actually just to document this fitness program i'm on right now. but just a backgrounder, i'm turning 40 this year. yes, 4-0. with that, i had realizations ~ one of which was that i would like to see my children grow up. being a work-at-home mom without a helper, i don't have time to workout and really take care of myself. i do work and chores, and when i'm not, i'm too tired to do anything else. now that i'm almost 40, i realized that i NEED to take care of myself more if i want to live a full life. for starters, i developed a skin...
ink scribbler calligraphy workshop
i was lucky to be given the opportunity to attend a calligraphy workshop today for free. yup, for free. thanks, lolit. i can't say that i have zero experience in calligraphy. i tried a little calligraphy back in college, but i just went as far as buying a calligraphy pen and that's it. i just like how the pen slanted which makes my handwriting calligraphy-ish. so why calligraphy? i dunno... maybe seeing those nice inspirational quotes in instagram made me more interested in it. haha! besides, it's a nice skill to know, don't you think? maybe, just maybe, if i get really good at it, i...

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