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Main blog:[ s y e n ]
Birthday:September 3rd
Occupation:Happily unemployed
Education:School of life
Service Attendance:More than once a week

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Body Size:Thin
Height:5' 3" (160 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Skin Tone:Fair
Clothing Pref.:Practical

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Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Astrological Sign:Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Existing as:Halfling
Smoking:No Way
Exercise:Walking to the car only
Your Home:Live with parents
Interests:reading, online-ing, eating, sleeping, chatting, watching animes, listening to songs, gaming

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and it's goodbye
After more than a year, it's time to move on. Blogdrive, it's been a pleasure blogging with you. I loved your layout options. It was easy to tweak (once you get used to it) and produced wonderful blog layouts. However, you've gotten pretty feeble and cranky lately. Or maybe you just hate me. Cause you always deny me access to my OWN blog and frankly work me into a fine temper pretty often. So I've now moved to Blogspot. People, please change my blog url in your links or bookmarks or watever else. New URL is Thank you.
Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Ep 6
This episode was pretty disturbing to me. It had some connection to the post i made awhile before about dying (yea the one with a ton of questions). Scenario Train wreck. Two people, Bonnie and Tom, were impaled with a pole right through their torso. Tom had lesser damage and greater chances of survival. Whereas the pole crushed one part of Bonnie's spine and damaged an arteri. The only reason they're still alive is cause of the pole and the shock. Remove the pole and they'll bleed to death. However, the surgeons only can save ONE of them. They have to remove the pole from one person to be...
Olivia - A Little Pain

:: meetings and partings ::
The past couple of days have been real hectic for me. Ding dropped the bombshell on Tues that he's coming to KL the very next day. X_x And as u all know, my sleeping time is very screwed up. And wif all the 3am World Cup matches, safe to say my sleeping time is gonna stay screwed for a while longer. Met up with Ding on Wed at 1U and Suit later on at 430pm. Headed to my place after dropping Suit at her seminar since Ding didn't want to be stuffed by his aunt (it was onli bout 8pm. if he went back, his aunt's sure to make him eat smtg. teehee). =) It's been a while since I enjoyed the easy...

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