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General Information

Main blog:euphoria
Birthday:October 6th
Occupation:Teacher / Professor
Education:Some college, Bachelors degree
Service Attendance:Only on holidays
Location:Philippines, quezon city

Contact Information


Body Size:Average
Height:5' 0" (152 cm)
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Wavy - Short
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium Brown
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Business - Casual
Tattoo Info:23 going on 27
Piercing Info:ears, one each

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Sexual Preference:Lesbian
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Human
Liquor:Gave it up
Your Home:Live with wife and kids

Personal Favorites

Books:jane eyre.'tis.angela's ashes.alice's adventures in wonderland.the garden behind the moon.lyrico.the catcher in the rye.karenina and humanity's sad gun.when she was good.little women.the railway children.the little prince.anne of green gables.walk two moons.catherine, called birdy.out of the dust.sophie's world.through a looking glass, darkly.animal farm.jacob have i loved.angels and demons.the davinci kill a mockingbird.the firm.the client.
Music Genres:graveyard metal.philippine indigenous.european classical.trance.karnatak.hindu.mid-eastern.
Bands/Artists:nine inch nails.a perfect circle.filter.chris cornell.soundgarden.radiohead.tori amos.paula cole.norah jones.sugarfree.sheila and the insects.coldplay.deftones.the virgin suicides OST.songs from a secret garden.dead can dance.marilyn manson.garbage.the smashing of angels OST.queen of the damned OST.vanilla sky house painters.sarah mclachlan.destiny's child.shelby lynne.
TV Shows:angels in america.six feet and the city.desperate housewives.the tonight show with jay leno.late night with conan o'brian.arrested development.the tree hill.qeer eye for the straight guy.queer eye for the straight girl.friends.will and grace.veronica mars.american dreams.joan of arcadia.jack and jill.last comic standing.rock star inxs.
Movies:the exorcism of emily rose.the girl next door.sin city.something's gotta give.persuasion.when harry met sally.sleepless in to build a house.empire've got mail.must love dogs.eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.intolerable cruelty.brown sugar.someone like you.moulin rouge.the return of the king.the breakfast club.dead poets society.under the tuscan got served.clue.40days and 40nights.interview with a vampire.the craft.the emperor's club.white oleander.le divorce.the ring.the grudge.the dark crystal.the labyrinth.the prisoner of azkaban.frida.the butterfly effect.the wall.the rocky horror picture show.ginger snaps.dazed and confused.sweet of 1000 corpses.a nightmare before christmas.the never ending story.mall rats.the cell.memento.y tu mama tambien.american beauty.gia.girl, county.a beautiful mind.wicker park.the, actually.the constant gardener.detroit rock city.powder.the royal tenenbaums.
Colors:black.white.beige.chocolate brown.

Four Most Recent Entries

always something in the way
harvet moon. cassandra wilson. the chillout project. sisters of the sun - anton ramos. because i'm still in love with you on this harvest moon.. i woke up to a frost today, not really a frost but it felt like one. i woke up and stared at the minute-hand tic then toc.. tic then toc.. and thought maybe i haven't really come awake maybe just maybe i'm having an outofbody experience but whereto whereto whereto for this experience shall we go to london then to have tea with the queen? i've started to dream again. i have vivid dreams, you know? dreams that don't feel like...
i worry. every day i worry. i could be your watch tower, your light house; you can be my prayer and i'll be okay.
now what do you do? nothing. it's the most difficult thing [dear Lord, what number of times have i written this down]: when you cry but know that your tears would would amount to little help if none; when you're told the most excruciating of all the news you'd ever heard in your life, or second perhaps, or even third, there is no retreat but tears; no retreat but the keepsakes of your conversations documented in your hard drive or your journals -- not missing anything since day one -- page after page after even more pages in whatever tint of ink you could squeeze out of a...
to touch you again with life in your hands
You wear the grainiest lips in my dreams -- thin yet firm; watermelon against a hazelnut brown mocha hue of brown; grainy and sweet like pear or a young, sour strawberry. Strawberry daquiri, strawberry daquiri. A honeydew bowl is a bowlful of cherries. I turn around and see you burning suns through my dress breathing ice and the sweetest fire down my neck.. You say I am your peephole, your peephole into the gray and black of the dusks and nights, the black and blue of the nights and dawns -- your lazy morning sunrise yawn. I say GovernmentWarning won't ever convince me out of...

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