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Caroline Donnelly
General Information

Main blog:Student Bum!
Birthday:June 7th 1984
Education:Bachelors degree
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United Kingdom

Contact Information



Height:5' 7" (170 cm)
Hair Color:Honey Blonde
Hair Style:Wavy - Short
Facial Hair:Beard - Long
Skin Tone:Pale
Best Feature:Hands
Clothing Pref.:Fetish wear
Undies:Free Willy

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Widowed
Sexual Preference:Gay at parties
Astrological Sign:Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Existing as:Human
Your Home:Live with roommate(s)
Dislikes:Ready grated cheese. The places that stock it, the people who buy it and anyone who has ever considered it as a legitamate food purchase.

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 Geek Pie
 Geek Pie does DH

Four Most Recent Entries

It's over now and I can't see yoooooou!
As of the 1st of June I completed my last ever piece of University assessed work and had my last exam. Effectively as soon as Dr. Grubb (SWOOON!) told us all in the exam hall to put down our pens and stop writing my student life came to an end and so to does this website, it is afterall about being a studentbum but now that part of my life is over I can't really keep this website up and running. I suppose if I wanted to do I could carry on updating it until I reached graduation but that feels like I'd just be putting off saying goodbye and because I'm really rubbish at goodbyes I've...
Work it!
I am quite literally rocking the "housewife causal" look at the moment. Blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms (vintage Sporty Spice circa 1995), a maroon zip up cardigan and slipper socks, all set off with the permanant look on your face that screams " there has to be more to life than this?". I look like someone whose doused themselves in superglue and fallen head first into their local oxfam shop. All I need is a bottle of Babycham and I'd actually be my mother. It would be a problem if I was actually allowed to leave my house but fortunately I'm being kept imprisoned by my dissertation....
Sofa Dreams.
I'm not in tremendously good shape this morning. It dawned on me last night, what with all the hard work I've been putting in recently, coursewise, I've been neglecting a very important part of my life. The sofa. Recently, our time together has simply consisted of a few snatched minutes here and there while I eat my dinner or drink my hot chocolate in the morning before I set off for uni and thats really not enough, not if you really want to cultivate something a bit more deep and meaningful with your sofa, the humbliest of all living room furnishings. Last night I came in from uni,...
Knock knock! Who cares?
I'm so unmotivated at the moment. I've been trying to type up this section of my disseratation all day and so far I can only manage to summon momentum to write up approximately 50 words at a time. Then I sort of zone out until my attention suddenly snaps back to what it should be focusing on I realise its about 45 minutes later and I've still got loads to do. I've calculated that this means I'm averaging approximately 1.11 words every minute which is quite frankly appalling progress. I reckon I'd probably write more if stuck a pencil between my butt cheeks and just waggled it in the vague...

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