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Main blog:this is about me
Occupation:Happily unemployed
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Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:3 kids
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
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Your Home:Live with husband and kids
Biography/About:stay at home mom, artist, dancer, music and puzzle lover, unschooler, vegetarian.


Piercing Info:i used to want a nose ring for years when i was a teenager, now at 34 i finally let go of still wanting one...i saw "taboo" on national geographic about body mutilation and got freaked out!!!

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going over to blogger
i'm going to be posting at my other blog for awhile. i started a blog there a long time ago and then switched to blogdrive for some reason. i find that adding pix to blogger is easier than on blogdrive and that's what i really like. plus there is no freakin' add at the top of that blog. i may still use this one for something. maybe just real personal thoughts and such. not sure yet. see you over there: my other blog
old tapes
my dear friend tracy might read the title of this post and think it's going to be about something much deeper...but it's not. no, i'm talking about old tapes, real ones, not psychological ones. from my last post it's pretty obvious that i've been listening to some old music in the car. when we were moving, i pulled the tapes i had in the car and replaced them with some i hadn't listened to in awhile. there's just something really cool about old tapes. while packing i found one from 1974 (i think) of me and my 2 older sisters. i was screaming and throwing a fit. i was 3. sounded just...
words words words
coming home from a wonderful day at rock creek (which was dry as a bone and so so sad to see) i was listening to camper van beethoven and this song came on and for some reason i just thought "today, i'm putting this song on my blog!!" i haven't written much lately. been all busy being back in tennessee again, meeting new people, hiking, spending time with family. so i'm just sharing words today, mine or someone else's...it's all good. i came home and watched oprah, bill cosby was on and that drew me right in. he had some pretty interesting things to say about the sad state our children...
more thoughts about "stuff"
here's another thing i had been thinking a lot about since packing. we had been packing for a month and we kept setting things aside that we were taking to my parents' house and stuff that we needed to not pack at all because we still needed it daily. and as more boxes piled up, and we went about our lives each day packing and living, i started wondering how much of the stuff in those packed boxes we really needed. well, none of it really. absolutely none of it. i'm talking about need here. not the two huge boxes of photo albums, the more than i can count that contain much loved...

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