General Information

Main blog:YetAnotherTedious
Birthday:November 29th 1973
Education:High school, Some college, School of life
Location:United States, Oklahoma


Body Size:Average
Height:5' 10" (178 cm)
Eyes:Warm Brown
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Ever Changing
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium
Best Feature:Butt
Clothing Pref.:Drawers and T-shirt
Undies:Briefs - Short Leg Boxer
Tattoo Info:Haven't yet met anyone mean enough to hold me down while poking thousands of tiny holes in me
Piercing Info:Haven't yet met anyone mean enough to hold me down while poking thousands of not-so-tiny holes in me
More Details:I'm pretty damned good looking. Or so I'm told. Hope they're not lying... Great, now I'm going to wonder about that all night.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:I have both ancestors and an all-new descendent.
Sexual Preference:Often
Smoking:Trying to quit
Your Home:Live with wife and kids
Biography/About:I am boring. Interesting things piss me off.
Interests:naps, things that aren't interesting
Consecutive Minutes Breath Has Been Held:3.5

Personal Favorites

Four Most Recent Entries

Well now, my old Interested Party, it's been a while, ain't it? And how've you been keeping, huh? Between the ditches, I hope. As for Yours Truly, I'm steadily learning to see this old world through fresh eyes specifically the two newish sets of eyes belonging to my Descendants. This has been occurring for me on a daily basis since the Descendants were first responding to it. So, Interested Party, it turns out the world isn't old after all. Sometimes the world is six years old, and full of awesome, dangerous stuff. Volcanoes, for example. And scorpions. And...
Yaawwwn... So, like, how've you been?Been doing fairly well, myself... Married. Got kids. It's this whole long story.Probably oughta post every now and then, eh?
Manner of Attention
It is a commonly held belief, if not precisely articulated, that babies are wise that they have an accute understanding of fundamental truths which we have spent our lives overlooking. Babies just stare at us, unashamedly observing everything we do. They do it without apology, and they do it through something so comfortingly human that one discounts cold calculation immediately: drool. It's hard to feel you're being criticized by someone whose face and hands are dripping with spit. And when we stare directly back, the baby never seems to mind enough to quit. Watching with...
Shift of Power
As you may suspect, my faithful little Interested Party, things in the Soverign Nation of Yours Truly have been different lately. Namely, Ive been overthrown by a very small tyrant. Im now living in his world now. The first thing he did was start in with all the propaganda -- making things look as utopian as possible. Its a social form of sleight of hand. Watch The Red Card, Follow The Red Card. For example, Interested Party, he replaced a crazy, though affectionate, pregnant woman with a skinny little hottie whose sporting far bigger tits than shed had before. Which seems...

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