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General Information

Main blog:Snookville
Birthday:December 1st 1987
Education:High school
Location:Australia, Adelaide

Contact Information


Body Size:Average
Hair Color:Strawberry Blonde
Facial Hair:None
Best Feature:Lips
Clothing Pref.:No Preference

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Existing as:Human
Likes:thunder&lightening storms; music (esp. Jeff Buckley; Jimi Hendrix and others) johnny depp; drama/acting; Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind; Aladdin; Lion King; PARTYING/socialising; meeting new people/friends-of-friends; lots of other things
Dislikes:fake people; people who don't earn money, just recieve it; taboos
Interests:lots of things, africa, ancient south american history, drama,

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:step-mum, captain planet, dad, the head of the anti drug sqaud in Nigeria, she's a woman and incredibly amazing, Dalai Lama
Books:harry potters', atonement, plays and tings
Music Genres:anything
Bands/Artists:jimi hendrix, Jeff Buckley, lenny kravitz, MUSE, Darra J, Bliss and Eso, and the rest in no particular order...the eagles, led zep, dashboard confessional, jazz, oasis, damien rice, the weakerthans, the streets, pink floyd, george michael WHAM! hehe, creedence, ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, nina simone, benchplayer :), elvis, dusty springfield "son of a preacher man", the beatles, nirvana, pearl jam, live, silverchair, tracy chapman, phil collins, van morrison, michael buble, ben harper, weezer, jack johnson, bootylicious beyonce, and plenty of others
Albums/CDs:album i could take to a a desert island? Grace- J. Buckley...., Forest Gump Soundtrack, Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, Boomerang- Daara J, Flowers in the pavement- Bliss and Eso,
Songs:tooooo many to day though
TV Shows:the OC, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad,
Actors:Johnny Depp
Pets/Animals:ZORRO! my dog
Season:spring, lots of rain but with sunny days where if you lie in the grass you can warm up and the wind doesn't get you. its like being in a giant bubble
Drink:hard but seriously., p
Quotes:"we can walk on air, as long as our illusion supports us", "if you can't do anyting about it, don't worry: becasue you can't do anything about it. If you can do something about it, don't worry: becasue you can do something about it"- Dalai Lama, "where men and women are one is in the act of sex. That is the closest we come to merging with another human being"-Morris West,

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HELLLLooooooooooo World of Blogs
man i am such a blog-whore. I just can't get enough. and when i've had enough, i keep coming back for more, i am the epitome of a whore....i the blog-world sense of the word... anyhoo the reason i started a blogdrive blog is cause i used to have a myspace...which was just dandy. cos i was in my own insular world ignoring that there were 28 million (yes 28 million- check Tom's (the guy who created it) friends list at his blog...crazeee) anyway until i opened my big fat mouth to someone at school who was talking about myspace, and i said "hey i have one o' those" before long he'd added me to...

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