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Azfar Syukri
General Information

Main blog:azfar's logbook
Birthday:October 1st
Education:High school, Graduate degree
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Location:Malaysia, City of Shah Alam

Contact Information



Body Size:Average
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Brown
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Ever Changing
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Nose
Clothing Pref.:No Preference
Undies:Free Willy
Tattoo Info:Not a single tattoo on my body. Tattoos are haram :P
Piercing Info:same as above. haram
More Details:ask me and i'll tell you...

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:it is very2 hard to explain...btw im the minister of aviation and the attorney-generale of my fam.
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:what can i say about myself?im like a 10yold boy stuck in a 17yold body,who loves aviation and my religion/family more than anything else.an expert in backstabbing and creating havoc.will do anything to achieve a goal/dream/obejective,a librarian and the head of my library's kebersihan unit.very2 sarcastic and arrogant
Likes:to wank(cutting down lah,from daily to once weekly and looking foward to stop it all together);flying with the friendly skies;smoking pot;cooking;prank-calling;stalking my friends to see what they are doing;fighting for the freedom of speech;and and hoping around for no reason....
Dislikes:being fired from my post;missing a flight;not flying on a md11;flying airasia;getting rm1 for duit raya;being bumped off a flight;waiting for the fcking T602 bus to come;being stalked by my friends;seeing my ex..i think thats enough for today,boys and girls
Interests:aviation, wanking, stalking, destabilizations, propagandas, politics, misinformations, pornography(lol), judiciary, rule of law, and everything that is chinese,belgian,swiss,dutch,angolan,malaysian,russian,turkish,persian and kenyan

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, Idris Jala, Steven Ferencz Udvar-Hazy, Tun Mathadir Muhammad, Lord President Tun Salleh,
Books:Holland Herald, A340/A330 Flight Crew Training Manual, How to Handle Your First Night, Terminal 3, Air Babylon, The Sky is Crazy:Tales from a Trolley-Dolly,
Authors:no preference
Music Genres:pop,adult contemporary,rap,top 40,soft rock,
Bands/Artists:green day, frank sinatra, goo goo dolls, boys like girls, the fray,sum 41, vitamin c, nelly futardo, simple plan, lifehouse, snow patrol, plain white tees, shiela on 7, dashboard confessionals, coldplay, kelly clarkson, juwita suwito, lindsay lohan, beyonce, fall out boys, daniel powter, fergie, jason mraz and travis
Albums/CDs:anything that my fav. bands/artists churns out i like them all
Songs:Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)-Green Day,All at Once-The Fray, Dirty Harry-Gorillaz, Closer-Travis, Hands Down-Dashboard Confessionals and of course,tasbih
TV Shows:The Daily Show, Jay Leno, House, Air Crash Investigation, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih,
Movies:Lust,Caution, Nowhere in Africa, Flyboys, James Bond series, Love@First Note, Rough(japanese),
Actors:no preference
Games:the great anual SHAH ALAM 10-km Run challange
Sports:no preference/im not good at any sport.
Colors:light2 colours ie:sky blue
Cars/Motorcyles:VW Golf GTI
Food:Nasi Lemak, Bryiani, Rojak Karim, Hot Peri-Peri Chicken, and airline foods
Drink:everything that got to do with tea.
Quotes:"Hanya ada satu kata:LAWAN",Wiji Thukul(1986), "It's not a question but a lesson learned in time",Green Day(1997), "Whoever said the was mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons ",General MacArthur(unknown)
Position:do i have to?:P

Four Most Recent Entries

world's most random survey
My Answers to Survey The Most Random 1 - When was the last time you cried? yesterday..... 2 - Have you ever faked sick? yesterdayy.... 3 - What was the last lie you said? im not hungry...padahal hungry as hell 4 - Have you ever cried during a movie? nooo..why would i do that?lagi2 klu movie tu retarded. 5 - Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of? nenek ko.hahaha 6 - Have you ever danced in the rain? yes.and for what it's worth...
the battle box
the battle box. from the broschure: "The battle box was the underground bomb-proof bunker of Britain's Malaya Command HQ during World War Two. Situated 9 meters beneath Fort Canning Hill, it was also the site were General Percival reached the fateful decision to surrender Singapore to the invading Imperial Japanese Army on the 15th February 1942" Aku and Aizat pun tau lah tentang kewujudan this particular bunker through Mat. Die tau aku ngan adik aku suka benda2 historical ni so die suggested that we go to this place to "suka history some more" - Itu ape yang Mat cakap lah. lol Tapi my...
singapore calling
yay!naek kapal terbang!again. ak sunggu seronok.weeeeeeee 3K 682 to Singapore-Changi on this trip.9 orang akan pergi.ma,abah,ak.aizat.adik.ang mat.wa.chik.n doraemon nape?sebab lame x g singapore ramai2 camni. pegi?from 9th April 2009 until 12th April 2009 singapore flyer?DUCKtours?MRT?i'll leave the rest for u to imagine. ble ak balik ak buat trip report.haha in another, unrelated news.... itu adelah bendera ak. sebab pangkat baru ak kt rumah smpi july adelah Chief of the General Staff. klu dkt the British Army,keje ak adelah head of the army. tapi kt umah ak? ak adelah...
school's out.for good.
"omg.skolah habis.somebody slap me!" "skolah habis!yay!good riddance" "yay!" ini adalah antara salah satu dialog yang kedengaran sewaltu paper LK habis 5pm tadi. ada yang seperti tidak percaya, ada yang menangis, ada yang gelak mengilai mcam hantu (lol/nik haris), and pelbagai aneka reaksi lagi. adam bakar mercun.ika/azfar suruh sign board LK mereka. aniz terus balik rumah sebab nak mengsasau dengan tya,nadiah,adillah and munirah. haha. ye lah. spm dah habis. sape tak happy. tak payah pegi skolah. tak payah gosok baju,basuh kasut etc etc anymore, tak payah tunggu T602 kul 6am,tak payah...

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