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Main blog:semarak mujahidah
Birthday:July 26th
Education:Some college

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Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:my love- abah, my soul- mama, sis along wit her hubby, abang long n their 1st daughter- afifah, angah, n my lil sis- ijah.
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:i am a happy person who leads a usual but meaningful life.. :)

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rumah baru
salam... kepada semua yang sudi bertandang ke rumah ni...tuan punya rumah ni dah berpindah ke rumah baru...pasni sume pakat2 singgah rumah baru sy ye... alamatnye... semoga jumpa lagi!
hibernation mode
salam... to all my fwens, i'm goin to be in hibernation, u won't get to see or read my new entry. until when? i dunno...until everytin turns back to normal i guess...hmm... *goin to enter IIUM dis sunday. *goin to start my 2nd year degree dis monday *goin to be DAMN busy *goin to IGNORE everytin k, guys...take care. jaga iman, jaga diri, jaga hati. dis is for samwan...who wants me to run away... Lari lari lari aku lari tinggalkan semua ini Untuk mencari-cari cari ketenangan diri Pergi pergi pergi engkau pergi dari hidupku ini Ku tak mahu mahu engkau hadir dalam diri...
hepi beday MOM...
180607 2209 pm Hepi beday, MOM..Hepi father's day, ABAH.. Ari ni celebrate beday mama+father's day untuk abah (sebab masa beday abah 25 april yang lepas aku tengah 'gila' kat benda lain). Aku keluar dengan mama lepas maghrib tadi. Hajat nak beli charger nset mama je on the way gi amik abah balik keje. Tapi kebetulan lak kedai nset tu sebelah kedai kek. Mama lak nak beli roti, so aku dengan selambe nye beli kek untuk mama ngan abah. Mama banyak kali cakap tak yah kat aku..sampai kakak dalam kedai kek tu tergelak tengok kitorang. Hahah..abah duk nunggu dalam kete je. Akhirnya, aku beli...
i need a quiet day in life
this poem is taken from kak zaiti's blog, which was written by abang zul and was dedicated for i decided to put it in my this is exactly how i feel right now... thanks to abang zul n kak zaiti... (wherever you go and find darkness in your life : what you have to do is to light the lamp within yourself..) Passing through the busy streets that never sleeps I started to question my existence and lead For the first time I question everything I cursed at the force that's barely unseen The unfair force that arrange and laugh Creates winding road that's tough All I need is not...

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