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Main blog:Pink Raisin Drops
Education:Graduate degree, School of life

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Biography/About:Esoteric character.. I can be extraordinarily amiable at one point and so0o mean at another, depending on the given circumstance.. An astute observer of life.. Weird thinker and mind gamer.. A glorified driver of fast cars, minds, slaves, balls (all kinds).. A branded domestic diva and gadabout flygirl.. Blessed with quintessential pukka-hearted family and friends.. I laugh a lot, think a lot, dream a lot, gripe a lot, and doodle a lot.. Quite optimistic.. And most importantly, I live and value an ultimately BLISSFUL life.
Interests:Travel & Vacation, Visual & Performing Arts, Food esp. Cheese & Chocs, Bags-shoes-clothes, Dialogues, Monologues and Daydreaming, Recycling Paper, Philo & Algebra (geek!), Anything that GLOWS in the dark, Beach, Weblogs, Wall Climbing, Boxing, Healthy arguments and exchanging insights with fellow intellectuals (hehe), Bashing Annoying People

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What's the point of prolonging it? One year of courtship is enough. We can be engaged and married thereafter. Kapag nahanap mo na, bakit papatagalin pa? Well, that's just me.
Strange. You were the one I loved first. You broke my heart. I broke yours. I found love. And then another love. You found love. We became friends. 5 years. I treated you like a brother. We shared stories. Even break-ups. 10 years. We're still great. You hinted something. Now I don't know.
When You Just Know
I have heard alot of stories about meeting "The One" and all of them seem to say one thing as to recognizing the person you're meant to be spending forever with: "You'll just know." I am having a strange feeling.. Could it be..?
I was once a contrabida and I seriously regret being one. It has been 2 glorious years since sanity took over. The wounds have been healed already and fondest acceptance has been extended to that part of me I used to hate. In an unexplainable way, that experience has molded into someone I will always be proud of. I am that someone whose spirit remained unscathed, no matter how torn I was emotionally. I am now living my life the way I should have had (sans the unexpected turn). I am happy. No more contrabida roles for as long as I live!!!

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