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Main blog:orenjiHANA
Birthday:November 30th 1985
Education:Some college
Location:Indonesia, Jakarta

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Astrological Sign:Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with parents
Likes:All about Japan;Linkin Park (my most Favourite band ever!);Britney Spears;Harry Potter;
Dislikes:Smoking;dirty talks;rude people

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Everyone missed jpn3
hi everyone! i'm sooo lazy these days lately, gomenenee >.< i rare update this blog.. oww anyway welcome Note! and also Space the slapper that just got back from long vacation,lol. I met dad Buried,mom Chari,Note,Khuma,Poshie,Doggie,DJ, Kate.. then some ppl from jpn3 like Panda,,and others. They all talkin about the fullness of Jpn3,about someone that made it full with clones lol. overall.. room was dead,not really interesting.. hey tonite i just added Note n Crazy the male to my buddy list..
Pillow's cam wohoo!!
Tadaima! Minnasan,genki?! Wohooo! This evening,me and my sister Luna watch Yehu's cam!lol. Oh God finally i can see him again,nyahaha!I said many times,he's handsome for sure! nyahaha, but he ask me to check my eyes,lol. Me and luna laughing all the time. and i cant stop looking like this -> while see yehu,nyahaha! i ask him many act,look like yahoo's emoticon. and he did well! i request too much to him that his cam almost broke,lol. this is so fun! I put our cat,Kubel,on my display. Then Miki put her cat,Chiro,and her status is Chiro vs Kubel,nyahaha! and yehu not wanna lose, he put...
I can smell the world cup lol
Hi minnasan!! sister Lunachan join the room with me^^. Meet Yehu,Miki, and Note.. Yehu got stomachache coz too much eat junkfood and drink water,lol. Miki said yehu too much eat tomatoes,nyahaha!! Willie n yamasan come.. and yehu once again warn me that i shouldnt bring my little sister to this freak room,lol. and she possible contaminated by willie.. nyahahaha.. willie come with scores of world cup of japan5. i won of yehu! yay! Luna always won too of yehu. these scores things made me laughing.. so funny!!
Doraemon comes again!
Hi hi friends! Tonite,,again,,yehu invite me into the singing!! Yay! i did it! at first, candy request Shinchan's song,eww i still curious how shinchan's song!! how can i forget it?! Finally,doraemon come again.. i sing it.. there're yehu(of course,he's my first fan,lol),miki(my idol,lol),candy(my sweetheart,lol),gontakko(the prettiest guy i ever know,lol),tazzie,X,and note.. Then room become weird.. but it's fun! Candy start it by saying she is xo_paki_candy nyahaha~ then vivitix start to flirt everyone.. like say looking for king's oil.. lol

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