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Rachel Butler
General Information

Main blog:rcbutler09
Birthday:April 13th 1960
Occupation:Sales / Marketing
Education:Associates degree, School of life
Service Attendance:Rarely
Race/lineage:Native American
Location:United States, Arizona, Tucson


Body Size:Athletic
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eyes:Warm Brown
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Light
Best Feature:Lips
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Undies:Briefs - Short Leg Boxer
Tattoo Info:LeftShoulder-Phoenix with Native American Dreamcatcher Design
Piercing Info:Weight Control Staple in Right Ear
More Details:That's It

Personal Favorites

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Existing as:Angel- one wing
Your Home:Live with husband

Other Blogs I Author

Butlers Front Porchhttp://butlersfrontporch/

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Essential Excursions
A Caribbean Expert shares his favorite beaches where you can... Avoid other People When I arrive on Conception Island in the Bahamas, my reward is nine miles of beaches with sand as soft as silk. No ferries travel to this uninhabited nature park, but Stellar Maris Resort Club (800-426-0466;, on neighboring Long Island, runs diving trips there roughly once a week. If there's room, you can come along ($50). Three hundred miles south is tiny Salt Cay, in the Turks and Caicos, home to North Beach, my second-favorite deserted shore. North Beach is a long, straight strand as...
A Barbie World
No wonder Barbie looks so great at 50-the ultimate blonde bombshell has 25 hair and makeup pros on call! Like Linda Blair, Marie Osmond, and Mackenzie Phillips, Barbie turns 50 this year. We don't know how the rest of them are coping with the Big Five-O, (except for Marie Osmond, who lost 40 lbs. on Nutri-System!), but at the half-century mark, Barbie is still one of the most powerful beauty icons in the world, That's no small feat considering that Barbie has had more than 50,000 makeovers since she was born in 1959. The original Barbie set the mold for all the looks to come, with her...
The Truth Is That Your Success Has Nothing to do With What You Might Think!
I thought about making one of those really crazy headlines where I told you that I had the secret to making a gazillion dollars in 10 minutes, but I don't want to insult you or your intelligence. Here's what you need to know that has a way bigger effect on your pocketbook than marketing, systems, or advanced web tools. Your success comes down to only 1 person and that person is YOU! We can always blame others for what we don't have, don't want, or can't get. That's easy. Didn't get that promotion you wanted? Blame your boss. Didn't get the new house? Blame the economy for falling...
With 4 Tools and $150 You Can Start To Make Money Online
Take The First Step to Creating The Life Of Your Dreams By Claiming Your FREE Have Infinite Income Report Here! For this discussion, we will assume that you have already my post on becoming a Clickbank Affiliate, if not, go here to read the article and then come back. If you are Serious about creating a Successful Internet Business, you should invest in a Domain Name, a Landing Page, a Hosting Account, and an Autoresponder. Today, I'm going to show you what these four tools will do for you to help you accomplish your goal on Online Money Making. First, a Domain Name. Using your Affiliate...

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