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I am not using this blog anymore but it will always be my first blog..memories...My new blog effective June 2005 is :~ http://theladybutterfly.blogspot.comByez
A Dish
Every morning, the same question runs through my mind. What to cook today?? Ya, there are hundreds of dish and hundreds of recipe books available and i own some of them, nicely stalked in my kitchen shelf. Not that I don't use them, in fact, i have tried some new recipes but the fear, more of disappointment of 'it' not turning up like it should be is the set back. If i cook up something new, my hubby and kids will say, 'what's this? some kind of alien food!?!?' And when i cook the usual, regular food, they will say 'how boring! the same kind of food, nothing new ah?' it continues..."what's...
Khatam Al-Quran
I am glad that my girls, 9 & 11, completed the reading of Al-Quran. Had a small ceremony, where their 'Ustazah' sat with them while my girls read the last 22 surah's from the A-Quran and the doa khatam Al-Quran. The 'Ustazah' came along with a dozen other students to witness their reading. My cousins and in laws came too. I was thankful that my parents took the effort to come by train from KL but was kind of disappointed that my sis family & my bro could not make it. Anyways, we are looking forward to seeing all of them during the June school break. All's Well That End's...
Distrubing News
On Saturday, i found out that the two year old girl, Nurasyura, that has been missing since last Wednesday, was found murdered. It was so shocking. The suspected murderer was none other then her 30 year old stepfather. A sick, sick man. May her soul rest in peace.

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