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Lutvi Avandi
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Main blog:QZoners
Birthday:January 17th 1980
Education:High school
Service Attendance:Weekly
Location:Indonesia, Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur

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Relationship Status:Married
Biography/About:Dulu pernah jadi bayi lalu tumbuh jadi anak-anak yang lucu setelah itu sekolah di sebuah SD yang asri, dilanjut ke SMP yang penuh kenangan kemudian masuk STM yang penuh keceriaan. Sekarang jadi bosnya para mahasiswa dan sarjana.
Likes:Otak-atik web, pengennya sih jadi hacker, cuma belum dapat guru yang Te O Pe
Dislikes:Ndak suka ama orang yang pembohong, sombong, suka ingkar janji, suka telat, suka omong besar tanpa kenyataan.
Interests:Bisnis dan Kerjasama bisnis kecil-kecilan (tapi belum bisa ngasih modal)

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Download Ringtones
Everyone have favorite artist. They love her or his song. Love her or his music. They want listen his voice always. If you like them too, there is many way to hear music. The most used is using MP3 format. Now technology is better. You can also hear your favorite song each someone calls you. It calls Ringtones. New hand phone has mp3 ring tone now. If your phone has this facility too, it is your time to change the ring tone. You choose your favorite song as a ring tone. You can download from paid ring tone or free ring tone. I found there is a lot of ring tone download from many site....
Find someone and build his or her profile
Are you having an old friend? Where is he or she now? Where is he live? What is his job now? Is he have a son or daughter maybe? Well, we are having friends. It is our schoolmate, our playing partner or even our kind neighbor. However, something happen we lost contact with them. Maybe we are moving from our old home. Maybe we get a job in other city or country. Maybe we just never visit their home again because of our business. If you want to look for your old friend, maybe this people search engine can help you. It calls with Spock. The new people search engine that can help you to find...
Build Your Own PC
Buying ready build PC is almost easy. However, if we buying ready build PC, we cannot choose what component we need. We only can get standard configuration. Well, I think for us, who want special PC configuration with lower price, we must build our own PC. We must choose our configuration need. The easy way to do this is using PC Kits . Not every people can build his or her own PC. This job needs more technique experience. However, building a PC actually is easy job. The new PC component designed easy to install. You just need to plug the component in the right slot. Moreover, every...
Email Marketing Solution
Are you having an email? I can make sure that you must be having an email. Everyone who using internet in his or her live must be have at least one email account. Can you see the opportunities here? Long a time ago, to send message or to introducing a product, we must send a letter in each home. We must spent more money to print a sales letter. We also spent money for delivery service. It also need more time before your letter spread out. Today we can offer thousand peoples only in one click. Depending on your speed connection, it only needs some minutes to wait your message delivered....

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