~Justme~ aka Pudge
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Birthday:August 21st
Occupation:Financial services
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Texas
blogdrive member since: October 2003

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Writing : reading : low carb : family: kids: Nicholas Sparks: Deirdre: Sarah: David: Apricots: sugar free Chocolate: Diet coke with lime: Jack Johnson: Nickelback: Classic Rock: Naughty stuff: Alanis: Rascal Flatts: My Yahoo Launch radio: drinking as much water as possible: CSI: Law & Order: Grey's Anatomy: macadamia nuts: Sexy men: Barenaked Ladies: Crime stories: hunting down recipes I'll never cook: blogdrive: comedy: movies: Adam Sandler: John Cusak: all the cheesy 80's brat pack movies: seafood: mexican food: good sex: good kissing: honesty: men in tight wranglers: almond rocha: iris's: pink roses: Beautiful perfume: singing when no one is around: new sheets: finding money in your purse you didn't know you had: trustworthy people: surprises: people who say what they mean & mean what they say: socks for cold toes: Journey: serendipity: Blue Bell banana pudding icecream: Kraft string cheese: Yankee candles: front snap bras: the sound of my kids laughing: the feeling of the surf washing up against my feet: rainbows: starry nights: yummy smelling cologne on men: Christmas lights: spending time with that special someone

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