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I am confused. I put my new blog address in the last entry, yet two people still signed up afterwards to be updated on this blogs contents. So for those of you who missed the first notification this blog has moved to www.staticbrain.com
Static Brain has a new home
Hi all you dear readers of mine. It is now official. Static Brain has a new home. Come on down and see me at staticbrain.com. This blog will not close but will not have all the things the new site has. In addition I won't be able to post everything here that I can there. So update your links, or just add a link to the new site too.
Quailgate: Cheney and Whittington
Cheney, Whittington, and peppered quailtards -- in Lego (Photo credits BoingBoing.net) If that were you or I we would be indicted by now. But not the Veep. Go figure. From Cheney to Abramoff, Delay, Bush, Libbey, Chertoff, Brown, Rove, Plamegate, Katrinagate, Oilgate in Iraq, the list of scandals in the Bush administration goes on and on and on. Join the Impeach Bush Coalition Protest the Bush administrations sick policies. No more needless deaths. Fly the flag upside down. U.S. Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8(a)Here are some links to get you started. Display...
PATRIOT Act , Anthrax, and Nerve Gas Threats
ACTION: Call PATRIOT Act turncoats on nerve gas threat Just hours after sensors in a U.S. Senate office building detected a nerve agent, a number of key Senators announced a capitulation to the White House's demands on the renewal and expansion of the police state USA PATRIOT Act. The following Senator's offices should be contacted on this. Ask Senate staffers if the Senators changed their view on the PATRIOT Act because they thought the nerve-agent incident was a threat by the White House. Ask if they changed their position out of fear of retribution. Sen. Sununu (R- New...

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