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Switching Petridishes
After coming back from my hibernation from writing (nonsensical, self-indulgent posts), I noticed that my blog has been invaded my various kinds of adwares (and possibly, low-risk survey/data gathering spywares) disguised as your usual irritating pop-ups. Even the most patient would not be able to stand having their blockers be barraged by outrageously numerous pop-ups. (The computer I once used blocked close to a hundred before I could move my mouse freely). So, anyway, I was thinking that I should change my blog host. I'm thinking maybe of moving to either wordpress or blogspot. But...
BS Bullshitology
After two weeks of looking for a cheap rattan furniture maker, battling hyperacidity, and worrying ourselves bald, Yas and I braced ourselves for the greatest task of all: explaining why our television talkshow set looks like a venue for spirit questors in a seance, or better yet, a studio that doesn't like paying electrical bills. See, the halogen lamp broke down, and we, financially incapable that we are since day 1, have to make do of the four 10-watt directional lamps on hand. We could've done better with better background too, but the thing is, it's hard to do the things you wanted to...
"Cholera! Cholera! Cholera!" flashed the Polish subtitles as it translate Mort Rainey's (Johnny Depp in the movie, Secret Window) tirade of expletives that literally means "excrement." Those are what flashes too whenever I look at myself at the mirror. (What with deadlines looming every nanosecond, and projects burning holes in my imitation CK wallet, I simply have no time nor money to pamper myself.) Oh, yeah. Them Polish subtitles flashes too whenever I log in the petridish. I'm actually a little worried that I'm finding it hard to start to write up something. Just these three paragraphs...
Oh the shame! The shame! (or "The horror! The horror! Part 2")
Never before had a pair of legs received so much attention than when I walked down the spiraling stairs in an above-the-knee woolen red plaid skirt with faux fur lacing the trim. I paused for a second, feeling slightly offended of all the eyes that continually stare and follow my graceful descend. But then I thought that one with greater nature (such as I have) must have it in her heart to forgive those that don't have the subtlety of gentlemanly admiration especially since its MY pair of limbs that they were out to admire. Admire, yes. And it must be the chicness of the mini or the...

From the Shrink's Couch

Do you have any particular rituals when you tie your shoelaces?I would if I have shoes that have shoelaces.
Would you consider dating Big Bird?If he's really a BIG bird... I mean why not? Oh, oh. you mean that sesame street mascot? Hmmm... yeah sure. He's tall. He'll do. Oh wait, he's feathery, meaning, that's pretty much an equivalent to being hairy... But then, he love kids... that ought to count... however - er... could you get back on me, please? this is bound to take awhile.

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