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Yoga Weekend
A couple of weekends ago I decided to go on a Yoga-Meditation weekend. After a bit of online research I found something that seemed nearly perfect for my criteria: Not too far from Paris, not too expensive, & all-inclusive (2 meals + 2 yoga classes & 1 meditation class per day)! Although I was a bit hesitant to go alone, I went ahead and booked my room before convincing my friend Tracey to come along. Initially having planned to take the train then taxi, we decided that with 2 it may be ‘better’ (ie more flexible) to borrow my sisters car. But trouble of the weekend started...
Cooking Diaries
Franck and I have decided to try a new recipe a week....and this is before we saw the Julie-Julia movie! Just to share a few pictures of our scrumptious delights thus far... Apparently, though, I don't have enough space on this site so check out: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/webUpload?uname=liza75&aid=5433002481804056625 (and yes...I'm going to try to start blogging again!)
When I tell friends of mine in the states I take art class, they always seem to have a dreamy look in their eyes. Art class in Paris. Images of the Louvre, painters on the Seine, artists at the place near the Sacre Coeur. It reminds me that the idea is romantic and a fun one at that. When I first started art class, it was simply an activity to do with my sister. I wasn't really interested, knowing that I never had any real talent. I was quite frustrated in the beginning. Already the way the teacher spoke about feelings and putting impressions on the paper and not simply copying the image....
Living the Life
As some of you may know, I have decided to pursue a salaried position again. The challenge of starting a company for expats, alone, in france, is more difficult than one can imagine! Although I am keeping my certification and consulting options open, I am also taking full advantage of the Parisian lifestyle of "unemployment". It is amazing how, at 10 am I can go to the gym and it is full. (Are we all unemployed here?) Not as full as, say, after work at 7pm, but at 10 the classes are full. You have to get to the class at least 15 minutes early to save your spot. Even then, the better ones...

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