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Main blog:cerita cerita...
Birthday:August 22nd
Education:School of life
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Location:Indonesia, BSDcity, big city big problem

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Body Size:Few extra pounds
Height:5' 5" (165 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Light
Best Feature:Lips
Clothing Pref.:Hood Wear

Personal Information

Family Info:keluarga freak yg bahagia haha
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Existing as:Angel- no wings
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Non-alcoholic beverages only
Your Home:Live with parents

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hi all im currently moving here: 2Names, 1Person do drop by if missing me :P
between these times of works works works
akhirnya gw mengalami yang namanya, ga sempet nulis karena sibuk kerja. menyedihkan :( gw bahkan belom sempet apdet blog gw sm abang :( skg ini dipaksain nulis karena otak gw udah penuhhhh bgt rasanya. geez, i need my dope now.
senam ngantor di bsd ke mangga dua buat meeting sama client ke halim buat ngecheck kerjaan ke PGC ketemu client tarararaa
two years...
i had the opening of our two years with him calling me at 2.40 smthg a.m to tell me to pray. such a bliss. even if until now, there's no sign of things i expect tho (am i asking too much, god?)... but when i said "i love you" he said he love me too.. there's no reply for every text i sent him that talks about today we're having the two years. but he reply me to tell me to eat.. those are just small things, a simple "i love u too" a simple "km jgn telat makan ya" but im happy. im thankful. i really do.

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