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Mohd Khairi Zainal Abidin
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Main blog:Food Republic
Birthday:December 25th 1980
Occupation:Financial services
Education:Bachelors degree
Location:Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

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Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:The eldest of two siblings whose mom hails from a lovely village family and dad hails from a bullshit city corporate ass jerk family!
Sexual Preference:Redneck Straight
Astrological Sign:Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Existing as:Angel- two wings
Exercise:Walking to the car only
Your Home:Live with wife
Biography/About:A no nonsense, don't give a damn, free spirited, vibrant lad! hahaha..
Likes:Cooking and food, glorious food!..and Liverpool FC
Dislikes:Malay reality singing contest(s) which produced bunch of worthless talentless shits
Interests:Cooking, Food & dining, Politics, History, Culture, Philosophy, Anthropology, Literature, Art, Video games, Musics, Movies, Sports,

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Potato Gnocchi with simple tomato sauce
Gnocchi, the Italian soft dumpling, is a wonderful dish one can enjoy preparing with the whole family. Sure you can buy the dried variation from most hypermart, but a weekend shopping of the same with one's family can never beat the fun atmosphere of making a home-made gnocchi. These dumplings may take a bit of time to make but I can assure you it is a time worth spending.For those unfamiliar with this type of pasta, gnocchi is a variety of thick, soft noodle or dumpling. Made with the same traditional durum wheat flour with added potato, breadcrumbs and ricotta cheese. Normally gnocchi is...
Creamy shrimp and broccoli fettuccine
For most of the time, whenever I prepared pasta with cream sauce, I had always use full cream milk to substitute the use of single or double cream in the recipe. The reason being is cost; it's rather to pricey to buy and like milk, they don't store very long. Unfortunately unlike milk, they can be drink by themselves so unless it is constantly used on a daily basis, it's not worth it for someone who only does their Italian cooking during the weekends like myself (which is even lesser now with the emergence of a little rascal ).But sometime, there are recipes which milk is a poor substitute....
Basil pesto
Somehow, throughout the entire excursion of my Italian cooking, I had never tried nor wrote about making pesto. I had written countless words about tomato sauce and everything there is to know about pomodoré, but not one about pesto. Maybe because pesto is not mainstream here, which is weird since pesto is an integral part of Italian dishes, especially if one is talking about pasta. It has been embedded into the eating culture of Italians, sort of like what sambal belacan is to the Malays, where one would consider a meal as incomplete without it. Somehow not many people here...
Parmesan chicken
Chicken and cheese. Two of my favourite when combine together creates the most explosive taste you can have in your mouth. This dish is so fantastic, I can warrant that if serves to guests on any party or get together, they would fight for drippings, every last crumb! Though I don't really regard this dish as a meal on its own, it is still a wonderful dish to have as a light dinner (could a meal involving chicken considered as light?) or maybe as snack while watching your favourite DVD's. I would always serves this dish with simple pasta with butter/oil sauce since I wouldn't want the...

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