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mustika selaseh
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Main blog:bicara mustika
Birthday:June 23rd 1981
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9th day - 35w1d
It's the 9th day been warded for placenta previa level 3. Will have another 3 weeks before I could actually meet this little creature in my belly.... However, I'm quite nervous to undergo the c-sect. Yes a bit disappointed coz I can't have a normal delivery. I always believe that natural system created by Allah is the BEST. He is the Al might. Since pregnant I hope for natural birth, less complications. But my wishes was not granted this time. Czerian is the only option. The little voice inside me still is hoping for a miracle that the placenta can moved to safer position for normal delivery....
some things would never change...
Ishkk iskkk… a women heart is so sensitive that even a dust can leave a scratch on to its surface. Honestly are we match made in heaven.. are we really?? I was actually just after my Zuhur prayer. My heart should be pure/forgiving and accepting… but NO. After my salam a flashback of my B screensaver which I saw last night made my heart ached… he tried to cover effortlessly but to me (a wife): every little details is transparent. So my thought goes… he is missing her badly. No wonder he is someplace else even if he were next to me. I HATE THAT FEELING… again and again I still...
Sushi King
I suddenly have strong craving for sushi king... never been to any other sushi outlet... Browsing to the menu... I want to EAT.... but i am fasting... I need some dosage on GOOD FOOD...
Puhh puhh... tiup2 blog yg berhabuk ni
So much had happened... I couldn't sum up them all... but the biggest one was loosing a baby on the 16th June... so near to my birthday... Since then my world turn upside down.. I changed... I can no more tolerate.. I no more can endure what I endure before.. the big jar of emotional containment is full... any slightest ache and my heart just break.. I want to break free... because I cannot demand the other party to suffer anymore... I will be giving him nothing but unhappiness... Coz my joy has perished... what left in me is misery...

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