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Main blog:Martin Salias Eng
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Reading experience evolving
If there is a company than can finally establish the ebook as a regular reading experience (not talking about replacing paper books here), I guess it is Amazon. And they are doing it the big way, or at least starting. See the Kindle device. The thing is not very sexy, and while it has some nice features, the main point for me is who is trying to seel that to us. 1 - We already are purchasing books from Amazon. We already have an account and we all can do 1-click shopping from this gadget. 2 - They already have the digital content, the publisher contacts, and huge amounts of book metadata...
Finally, a Spanish blog too
Due to public pressure, I finally started a blog in Spanish. If you don't find anything better to do with your time, waste it at: This blog would not be a translation of this one. I'll be posting different stuff with an arbitrary criteria, as usual...
Agilist attack to a Microsoft subdomain
I didn't know about this Agile Center within the Architecture Center, but it is a great discovery (thanks to Roy for the tip). Interestingly enough, most of the time Microsoft was ignoring or just pushing Agile methodologies and practices in the real of development issues. This is the first time I see them classifying Agile as an architectural concern, the same I always did. Maybe I'm unconciously biased by my current (almost full-time) job at Microsoft, but i smell changes... The Open Source site (notice the home animation is still using Flash) Silverlight and all its ecosystem been free...
MSDN Briefing Code Samples
(This post is in Spanish first, then in English) Como prometimos durante el evento, publico aquí el link a los ejemplos del MSDN Briefing. En la solución encontrará dos proyectos: Language, que contiene varios ejemplos de las novedades de C# 3.0, y LINQ, que contiene los ejemplos de Linq to Objects, to SQL, to XML y to Datasets. English version:As promised during the MSDN Briefing at Buenos Aires, here is the link to the presentation samples (the code and comments are in English). The solution has two projects: Language, which contains...

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