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General Information

Main blog:Mistreatedteen
Birthday:September 10th 1991
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Location:Philippines, Quezon

Contact Information



Body Size:Average
Height:5' 5" (165 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Hippy/Groovy
Tattoo Info:N0ne..N/A
Piercing Info:1 on left ear, 3 on right ear...=D
More Details:I like to wear anything that's comfortable...

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Gave it up
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:Ofc0urse, as many 0f y0u all kn0w...My name is Nic0le. D0n't ask f0r the full name.. Im 16 yrs. 0ld... turning 17 0n september 10. I have 2 0ther siblings...B0y(eldest),Girl(middle), and me. We, me and my sister, live with 0ur m0m. Yes, we d0n't have a Dad. They're separated since 1999?..i guess..yeah. and s0 and s0... I c0nsider myself as a simple pers0n.. It may n0t l0ok like it physically...but simplicity ain't 0nly seen that way right? "Mukha xang masungit."..That's what usually pe0ple say when they first see me... s0me w0uld even think that i l0ok flirtati0us 0r something...s0me w0uld say that im the type 0f girl wh0 has a l0t 0f b0yfriend and i break their heart... wr0ng! I d0n't... Like they say, d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver. I stick t0 0ne, until he w0uld st0p whatever he has 0n me...then i w0uld d0 the same thing... That's just the way it is... I'm friendly, but at the same time I'm shy. Whatever I say, I d0 it. n0t if i have f0rg0tten it... My mem0ry seems bad. I'm unpredictable. I'm trustworthy. I'm a ragged pers0n. But at the same time, s0meh0w, y0u'd define me as "kikay". I have a boyish attitude..yeah,I'm n0t that girly, but i guess y0u'll surely define me as 0ne.ugh. I'm m0ody... y0u'd catch me in the "masungit" m0od.. but that's because s0mething is irritating me, 0r I'm hungry. music, f0od, my church, my G0d 0fcourse, My friends is the answer. I'm clumsy. Live with it. I'm ign0rant. I'm punctual. Time w0uld just get in the way that I'm late f0r s0me reas0n. My Patience is l0ng. And it's ellastic. D0n't try to hit the bullseye.. y0u'll regret it. I easily f0rgive. That depends. I l0ve d0ing things I haven't tried. I enj0y sp0rts. I l0ve challenges. I l0ve th0se wh0 l0ve me. I l0ve to punch pe0ple in the arms,s0 i would like s0m0ne wh0 w0uldn't b0ther. It's just in me, It's in the with it. I l0ve music. I l0ve friendly pe0ple. I l0ve animals. I l0ve t0 eat. I l0ve t0 act. I l0ve my church. And m0st 0f all... I l0ve G0d. I believe in miracles, c0incidences, and l0ve at first sight. But n0t in luck. I d0n't like backstabbers. I d0n't like people wh0 l0oks at me up and d0wn..Please! I d0n't like people to l0ok at me when im eating. I d0n't like pe0ple wh0 gives a damn ab0ut what I'm wearing...c0me 0n'! D0es it really matter? I hate plastics. Get a Life.. I hate th0se wh0 talk junk and crap ab0ut me...D0n't g0ssip, d0 it t0 yourself. 0r else we'll be d0ing the same thing t0 y0u...y0u w0uldn't want that w0uld y0u? I Hate th0se wh0 hurt my friends...y0u w0uldn't dare..y0u'll face me. D0n't mess with the 0ne's I l0ve... Y0u'll end up with a slap 0f what y0u did. I hate th0se wh0 aren't understanding and unreas0nable. "fair" is in my v0cabulary. I d0 everything I can just t0 help my friends especially when i really can. And I d0n't expect s0mething in return. I can be exaggerated. I talk al0t..But s0meh0w end up being sucked up. When I say n0, then it's a n0.... I l0ve Christian music..and Music. Pretty Enticing. When I'm in such an ease with 0ne pers0n, 0r let's say c0mf0rtable, I can exactly d0 anything I can. Ask my bestfriend, Pauline. She kn0ws everything in my life even though we've 0nly knew each 0ther f0r 4 years. And g0ing str0ng. I am a Christian. I used t0 be a cath0lic, undeserving. I may used t0 be a cath0lic but i d0n't kn0w a thing ab0ut being 0ne. I just f0ll0w. But thank G0d, he ch0se me. pr0ud t0 be ch0sen. And n0w, I'm actually l0ving my christian life. Never felt this g0od. Singing, texting, using the computer and going to malls is what i do for past time. I l0ve d0ing MTV's when i'm al0ne. I l0ve having c0ncerts with my bestfriend. I'm a third year student. I st0pped f0r a year f0r n0 reas0n(gr. 6). I just wanted t0 rest. And it's all actually w0rth it. Because if i didn't, I w0uldn't have the chance t0 meet my bestfriend. And with0ut meeting her, I w0uldn't knew G0d. G0d used her. She invited me t0 camp, and that's where it all started. That's why I am m0re thankful. As 0f n0w, my g0al in life is t0 gl0rify G0d in everything i d0, fulfill my pr0mises and be 0ne great f0ll0wer 0f G0d. Anyh0o...F0r sh0rt I'm me. Any0ne can be a friend 0f mine. ^_^ \m/
Likes:~!~I LIKE~!~ = DaNcInG = LiStEnInG t0 mUsIc = AniMaLs = siNgInG(uNtiL iT rAinS) = dOoDLiNg = Ice cream! ch0c0lates! = hAnGiN' oUt = cHiLLiN' = gOiNg tO maLLs = acCeSoRiEs = BaRnEy sOnG(DiFf) = BLaCk,BLuE,gReEn,ReD = Ice creams and Chocolates
Dislikes:~!~ I HATE ~!~ = BeIng HumiLiAtEd = BeInG sTrEsSeD OuT = CrOwDs AnD NoIsY PLacEs = TaXi's ( I HaTe ThE sMeLL ) = BuSseS ^ = PeOpLe WhO MoVe My tHinGs = Pa-VIP = mGa FeELiNg = sNoBs = MaSuSunGiT = InSecUrE = SiTTiNg FoR ToO LoNg = PeOpLe WhO MaKe FriEnDs wItH yOu bEcaUsE ThEy NeEd SomEthInG fR0M yOu.

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Sa tagal tagal tagal tagal tagal tagal nanagkar0on na tinatawag ng lahat ng nilalang sa mund0ng ibabaw na“bl0g”… Ngay0n.. hindi kahapon…. Hindi bukas… kundi ngay0n… ngay0n langak0 magsisimulang makibahagi sa lahat ng ta0ng mayr0ong tinatawag ngmga nilalang sa mund0ng ibabaw na….”bl0g”..Nais k0ng maghayag nang k0nting kaaLaman sa aking buhay…Ak0 ay… hindi si aik0… hindi si Pauline… kundi si Nicole..Nicole Patricia Earnshaw Enrique…Ang babaeng May munting ibig na kahit anung mangyare…Kahit lumind0l, umulan, umamb0n, sumab0g ang bulkan, kahit gumuh0 ang mund0, matig0k ang lahat ng...

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