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Main blog:mega
Birthday:July 23rd
Occupation:Executive / Management
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:Only on holidays


Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Wavy - Medium
Skin Tone:Medium Brown
Clothing Pref.:Practical
Tattoo Info:Wish to have one some day :P
Piercing Info:Not more than my ears!

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Involved
Existing as:Vampyre
Smoking:No Way
Biography/About:I'm a simple and practical person, people often think that im quiet but that is before they know me well la. Im a very patient person, but can loose my temper if s/one talks about sensitive issues. Im a person who does not like to trouble others, unless 'trouble' troubles me! ;p
Interests:Reading, surfing the net, playing piano, chatting (lols), listening to music, singing, playing badminton, rollerblading, skateboarding, goin on adventure rides...

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After so long! - Life in OCBC
Phew! After soooo long i'm actually logging in & blogging. My last blog was about my first day in OCBC bank. Just imagine how busy i was after joining OCBC, that i couldnt find time to blog for the past one year. Hahaha... Many things happened within this one year gap... dont know where to start.. hmm.. See la how maybe s/thing will pop up somewhere! Life in OCBC I have been working in OCBC for the past 1 year 5 months to be precise. Work is as usual stressed up, talking to customers & doing ACW. Training was fun in Cyber. There were 30 of us, & we were split into two groups...
1st day
Today is my 1st day at work in OCBC e2 power. most of the time it was plain Introduction and briefing only. Got to know few people here, who's gonna be my new collegues.. I first got to know Anitha. She's a nice person, funny n could be serious when she's angry.
The trip was ok la.. as usual didnt go out much.. i think i onli went to Jurong to meet my aunty, Tampines Mall, and to my uncles's house. so lazy to travel also la.. oh ya! My 1st uncle had BBQ party at home.. so had some fun eating and joking there. The food was good :) and we took a few snaps.. below is one of them...
Last day at temp work
i came in at few minutes after 8am to work today.. aiyoh so lazy ok, since its my last day at work.. so most of the time i was chatting hehe and wasting time.. anyway, i left at 1 s/thing.. told bye to everyone and went back home.. T is suppose to come at around 3 s/thing to go to S'pore, but ended up coming at 5 s/thing. before that i packed my stuffs and got ready to go. All 5 of us went to S'pore by car (sis's car). We reached S'pore at around 11pm and was dead tired.

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