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Main blog:TextualHarassment
Birthday:July 8th
Education:Bachelors degree
Location:United States

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Astrological Sign:Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Existing as:Human
Biography/About:Once upon a time there was a girl that lived, much to everyone's chagrin, for it would have been much easier for all involved if her story had gone the other way, but I digress. She ate, she grew, she learned, and one day she become what some would call an adult and others would call an irresponsible child. She continues to call forth images of both the wise and the childish as she waits for her true family, the denizons of some long forgotten realm where they all speak in animal noises and relish the taste of cheese and bruschetta, to come claim her. In the meantime, she draws pictures to calm her fevered brain as the images of her true world try to break out of her skull.
Likes:cheese; bruschetta; pizza; books; writing; reading; drawing; harvest moon; rpgs; animals; cats; german shepherds; manga; anime; japan; tokyo; book off; cookies; chocolate; CALPIS; cartoons; animation; tea; fruit
Dislikes:peas; beans; lonelieness; depression; tira misu; coffee; back-stabbing liars;
Interests:Anime, manga, cartoons, cats, art, movies, books,

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