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Testing 1... 2... 3... ???
Hello !!! Hey! ... is this thing on? Mic Check! Me... Me... Me... Can you guys hear this in the back row? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW !!! ^_^ O.K. That's a wrap.
Welcome Young and Old Alike!
So here is the new web property we can use to argue. It has been great fun so far! Sign up for notifications so you will hear when someone posts comments to the blog. Here is my last post: I have interspersed some answers below to the series of comments Rob made about Lee's post. Before I do, allow me to make a couple of very important points that must be acknowledged in order to understand how ancient texts are translated; the Bible being no exception. The Bible we all accept (with minor variations based on which original texts were used) is based on a grammatical-historical...

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