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If I ever knew
AsSalams, I have left the blogging world quite a while now. And I have lose so much without it I think. I used to pour and vent out my feelings here, and whenever I read through it again, I got up feeling the necessity to become and improved person. Look at me now, am so down and empty.. If I ever knew Mama's gonna be gone.. I would never leave her out of my sight, not a single second.. If I knew I had so much difficulty coping with work, I would never have joined the workforce.. And if I knew I had wasted so much time.. I would never want to spend a single second having fun and...
Salams.. Omigoshh... it's been awhile since I last blogged.. So much has happened.. Have been going through some traumatic changes in life, and somehow regretted on not having the historical trail on blog.. I promise myself i'd keep this blog alive again this morning when I came to realize it was almost dead.. Arrgghhh.. I just wish, and hope... and pray that Allah will bless me with my own flesh and blood children one day.. someday.. today??
Missing Mama
Salams, I am guilty. Guilty for the dismissal of Mama.. Be it whatever medical reason & jargon.. I am miserably sad.. I miss Mama..
Salams, I have been pretty busy for a long time. Not so busy at work. But always occupied. Sometimes over occupied but never too busy to reach home early. Yet, I do not seem to have enough time to sneak peek my blog to scribble a line or time. That explains the silence. At times, rasa macam rugi lak. Am supposed to jot down this first year of marriage, so that later I can turn back the leaf to cherish the sweet and sometimes bitter memories that I share with my dearest hubby. Yang lagi ruginya, I have not been snapping much pics with hubby .. Alahai must put this habit back on track...

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