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General Information

Main blog:ladyklepto
Birthday:July 17th 1986
Occupation:Happily unemployed
Education:Some college
Location:United States, Indiana


Height:5' 9" (175 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Blue
Hair Color:Auburn
Hair Style:Curly - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Ghostly
Clothing Pref.:Nude
Undies:Briefs - Short Leg Boxer

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:Live with my husband
Sexual Preference:Often
Astrological Sign:Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Existing as:Angel- two wings
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with husband
Biography/About:I live with my husband, the greatest guy in the world. Soon to be moving south to start a new life.
Likes:Trampling, television, food, hiking, chatting, blogging, sports, Matt.
Dislikes:Not trampling, no television, no food, not hiking, not chatting, not blogging, no sports, and no Matt. Also people who tell me I am wrong for things before they know all of the details.
Interests:Matt, crocheting, cats, music, computers, cars, discussions.

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Less Than 60 Hours Until We Are Married!
So Matt and I decided to start the timer on his cell phone to time left until we get married. I am not sure exactly right now how much time, but I KNOW it is less than 60 hours! I am so excited, but so nervous too. We are getting married on Sunday, and moving on Monday. But life will be better for us I think after we move. Matt will be closer to his brothers, he will have a job, I will get a cat and hopefully someday a baby. We will get our own apartment (we are going to live with his brother for a couple months until we get money for our own) And someday a farm with 100 acres, and at...

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