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General Information

Main blog:procrastinator
Birthday:December 25th
Education:High school, Some college
Service Attendance:Rarely
Location:Malaysia, KL

Contact Information



Body Size:Slender
Height:5' 0" (152 cm)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Hair
Clothing Pref.:Conservative
Tattoo Info:Yuck
Piercing Info:None
More Details:No tattoos, no piercings, a nerd, no Barbie, not la-la

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:Only daughter. I'm pretty spoilt but at the same time I don't think I am. Ha!
Sexual Preference:Straight but curious
Astrological Sign:Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with roommate(s)
Biography/About:I'm actually pretty sweet once you get to REALLY know me :) I'm pretty much sane every now and then, but I do stupid things once it comes to crushes on guys. I have grown up a lot since high school. I yearn to be a perfectionist but that's only because I want people to know I have brains. I daydream a lot, most of it are utopia. I'm seriously trying to stop my bad habits my crush has pointed out. I get embarrassed easily. Occasionally I screw up my English. I prefer not to have a disagreement with people. I love gossips. I know I'll do well in school once I put my 100% in it. I'm obsessed with Starbucks. I'm pretty good in saving money. I hate it when it takes me so long to make a decision.
Likes:Starbucks; Bookstores; Fountains
Dislikes:Backstabbers; Foul mouth people; Tattoos; Piercings on guys; Goths; Punks
Interests:Internet, TV, Music, Movies, Being with friends, Lepaking, Sleep, Eat

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Four Most Recent Entries

Farewell my love
Farewell Blogdrive. You've been good to me this past 2 years :) I've back to where it all began: *I couldn't use lacey87, apparently the username was already taken :(
Not my game
My primary school classmates are getting hitched. Like, erm, aren't you guys my age and you're walking down the aisle? It's like making our love lifes look bad, I said to Yew Mun. And I heard one of them is knocked up. Last time I checked she had already a handful of ex bfs. And we're still terkapai kapaing looking for one, Yew Mun says And now we're talking about boys and the whole nine yards. It's been a while I've got together with good ol friends and rant about anything that comes to your mind. We should totally get wasted and air our dirty laundry, I told her In conclusion, I can...
I don't know lah
I've had a Wordpress account for some time now cuz I wanted to switch blogs, mainly cuz they have this "categories" and "tags" widget. Lately, Blogdrive incorporated the "categories" function but the problem is, this jakun here langsung tak tau guna. *slap forehead* But then I also don't wanna leave Blogdrive cuz I sayang my header which I can change anytime I want. Wordpress has that function too, only it's only limited to some templates (which I totally don't find attractive ... oops). 3rd problem is I wanna start anew cuz some posts here are all crappy (solution: delete them lah...
Berblogging dari Penang
Huhu I'm blogging from an island And I know where Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh's houses are located I realized Penangnites are way richer than KLians (you see their houses you faint one guarantee) For the first time I berjaya mendaki bukit sampai puncak I absolutely adore Penang food wei I managed to dip my feet into the sea Kelly's been a great tourguide, ferrying me to north south east west I sangat suka the Penang bridge Getting an express bus back to Ipoh is hard Appointment with the dentist cancelled tomorrow wth I'm getting braces ... :( I'm looking forward to return to college...

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