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Kuan Cheen
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Dumela! That's the greeting in Botswana and I was told Southern Africa too Hi, my name is Kuan Cheen, and I am from CY1, CY4 and GC1 Homes! Thanks for all the prayers and support for Acts Botswana, by the grace of God, we had not just planted a church in Africa, but I believe that we also planted a seed for God to work a greater work in Africa. Let's continue to sow in our support and prayers. Pray for wisdom, guidance, provision and protection for the team back in Botswana, which is led by Nnete. Pray for a God-led Transformation in Botswana, for her people and the nations around...
Son, I Have Done My Part ...
Sometimes, when Our Loving Father confirms something, it can be for the lack of better words, scary. This is it. There is no more doubt. There's no turning back. It has been a few years already that He has instilled in my heart to embark on the journey of full time ministry. Coming from a family of pre-believers, in a country which pride itself in religious tolerance, the words of my dad have been echoing in my head since the day I took the step of faith to receive Christ as my Saviour. "All religions are the same, they are all equal. All religions want us to do good. Just don't be...
If a Coke can go surely can You!
Lord, today as You set my eyes on my collection of Coke cans and bottles from all over the world, You raised this question in my heart, O Lord, You made me wonder, if Coke can reach a country, what less is it for Your Great News to reach the people of that that country. What less is that for us to be Your instrument. If a Coke can go surely can You! Use me Lord I pray. Use me Lord as You will, as You have given me this desire in my heart, this passion to spread Your Word. Lord, I believe with all my heart and I know You have already made the way. You already opened up the doors for...
Who Am I? Why Me?
As a 'young' person in Christ, I am still have so much to grow. I believe we actually will never stop growing, the level of growth maybe different, inside our body, regardless our age, our body is still renewing and regenerating, cells are being replaced daily. I still have much learning to do, continuously giving myself to be mold into the person God wants me to be. Often then not, during these times of growth, I struggle with questions like: - Who am I? Who am I that You want to choose me for? Who am I that I can serve you? Why You not picking someone else? Why are you not calling...

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