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General Information

Main blog:amphigory
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:High school
Location:United States, Illinois, Chicago


Body Size:Slender
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Long
Skin Tone:Tan
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Thrift Store
Piercing Info:two on each ear lobe. left cartilage.

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Human
Biography/About:Sheep in wolves' clothing.
Likes:mosh pits, thunder, horror movies, hallway laughter, inclement weather
Dislikes:closed-minded people
Interests:origami, reading, writing, pixelling, moshing

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nineteen going on extinct
maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year. it wasn't my weekend, and it sure as hell isn't going to get any better. i'm wearing myself out, trying to keep a smile on my face. but all i really want to do is fall apart and have everyone see what an ugly, fucked up piece of shit i really am. the thing is, i'm terrified that no one will give a fuck that i'm falling apart at the seams.
return of the padawan
"I forget the last time I felt braveI just recall insecurity'Cause it came down like a tidal waveAnd sorrow swept over me" --Adam Young Frou Frou was right. Somehow there's beauty in the breakdown.
back to TSL
square one again. aiming low in more ways than you could understand. love songs & (miami) analogies. i'm always addicted to the things that make me sick.
maybe it's not my weekend
but it's gonna be my year.

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