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Main blog:khameziha
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Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
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ALLEGORY's Lyric again...
I HOPE HER... I love her and she’s never knows how I through this deep heart to her…. She don’t care about it and just stay with her selfish to live alone… *There’s something wrong? But I’m sure she’s meant it to me too… She’s know much about me, She gives the first word on my birthday… That is the way I love her, Isn’t something missing? I hope she will take her careless away, And close to me, as she loves me too… *Saturday, 20-05-2006 04:55…
MEMORIES OF YOU Arriving at your door, calling your name, And wondering this kind of pain, I met you with my hair wet, Then you drying my hair and said don’t worry it’s all right…. You let me sitting while you give me a drink, And we have spoken at much, Forgetting this tired in my body, Escaping this doubt from my heart… *I would never forget to those memories, Memories of you is memories in me, Memories of you, the things we used to do… I’m seeing your face surely, I’m touching your hands tightly, Then I said that I wanted you, And you just standing in...
UNWISHLESS MOMENT Writing this message to you and hope you will come to me later, With your bright eyes that always warming my smile, And I’m waiting you in my dearest wishes… Sit alone and wonder how you’re going in…how you’re going in… *Do you know that I miss you…I miss you…I miss you…I miss you… I’m missing your voices, I’m missing our spots that we have spoken…we have spoken… It’s been two hours and you not come to me and not replied my message to you… Then my mind asked something that I’ve never meant it, “What’s wrong with us?”…”What’s wrong with...
wah...... iseng nih bikin ginian karena terpengaruh sama situasi di luar yg membuat g butuh tempat bwt numpahin hari2 g.... untuk pertama kali g nulis apaan ya..?? oiya, g lg kangen bgt nih sama era grunge... kpn yah grunge nge_boom lg!!?.. klo d rmh g slalu nyetel pearl jam (album: Vs)...smashing pumpkins (pisces iscariot)..stone temple pilots (thank you).. ..n bnyk lg band2 lain yg emg menurut g musik mereka ga pernah bosan untuk didengar... g pgn tau kabar dr band2 yg smpt ilang dr "peredaran" kaya: ..bush..mudhoney..screaming trees..n yg lainnya.. *kemana ya...

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