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Mikel Schrodinger
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Main blog:FreeThinker
Birthday:March 14th
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:School of life
Location:Philippines, Manila

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Relationship Status:Single - Involved
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Existing as:Extraterrestrial
Liquor:Non-alcoholic beverages only
Your Home:Live alone
Biography/About:Wannabe director.

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my new home
Letters from Prague
Felice, Let me take away your fears in your dreams. I am walking in daze, and always alone, always grasping the way out of the dark. I heard woes but none of them seem to be near. They are like the echoes of the walls, each voice vibrating in the air. Maybe they are the voices of those who walked in the old days, those who are brave enough to talk to the creator of Dreams. I am but a coward, I cannot speak, neither shout. I just grasp my direction and continue walking. K. *** Franz, The God of Dreams has indeed...
Waiting in Vain
How can you enjoy this feeling without taking a risk? Let it fly away without panting, without moaning, without blood, without a single drop of dream? Waiting in vain. Is this not the essence of our struggle, our rebellion, and the very purpose of existence? Because you know/understand that Life doesn't offer some salvation. Only, it has mysteries unresolved, some erotic fantasies repressed, some dream waiting outside the door of vanity. No, we can't afford to sleep, to shut up, to fuck off. We must at least take a risk, before the gallows hang our dream.
deja vu
You were seated beside me. We exchange smile. At that moment, I saw the gesture Kundera once inspired him in writing his novel Immortality. That day, I experience some miracle from God. That day I carried myself from a distant shore. That day I let myself to walk in empty space lighter that air. I dream. Christmas is greeting us. We are in a hurry going home in our own province. Your ticket says your destination is Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. And I am from Vigan. We were both from the clan of Silang, you said. I smiled. If intimacy is a kind of gesture capturing a fleeting...

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