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Main blog:joylazaro
Birthday:June 3rd 1980
Occupation:Technical / Computers
Education:Bachelors degree
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Location:Philippines, Manila

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Body Size:Average
Height:5' 0" (152 cm)
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium Brown
Best Feature:Sweet spot
Clothing Pref.:Practical

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Relationship Status:Single - Never Married

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I am scared..
I am quite scared now that I have been. I don't know it sometimes put you on a level wherein you cannot possibly believe that it is truly happening. I thought it wouldn't ever happen but here it is and my husband truly happy about it. I have been thinking, it seems we have been blessed by more than a material thing or anything money could ever buy. Yesterday was the 1st day I have known, did 3 tests already all came with the same outcome..Now I am reading things about the process and what should I do. She isn't talking to me about it probably the idea hasn't sink in yet, but I am hoping she...
Do you?
Do you even hear the sound of my heart beating?never...I don't know but these two words kept on bugging my mind..Probably it's something I want to say sometimes especially when I am very annoyed...oh well, sometimes I just can't get it over with..At night before going to bed, I wish it'll go feelings, my emotions.. 2nd week of being home alone..It isn't as bad as I thought it is just that I have to live without vegetables..don't know what to cook here in this house. I didn't get the IT job in the hospital..Sometimes I think it's not me anymore...It's the timing and...
Oh Well
As i am writing this journal, I gave a big sigh that it why oh well was the title..I had a good night sleep. I receied sms messages about R's departure and hope all will be well. I hope that my sis and her kids will be alright. And the next time they go to the airport, hopefully it'll be my hubby the next. On Monday at 1130am I will be having an interview on the IT department for the IT tech job. I was really nervous yesterday, but as I went to work it took my mind off to it. It doesn't matter if I don't get the job atleast I still have the one in the hospital. I'll just tell them what I...
a letter for my Sis
N told me about the hardships you're going through and why you were crying. I am really worried about you, if only I can do something just to help you out, I would. It as if all the problems had came out all at the same time.I know you can do it, I can't say anything just to ease how you're feeling but I am praying for you, I know you're strong. You will surpass all those hardships at the end of the day it will be alright. When r leaves, it's all part of life's trials, and all you have to do is just to be with your children, I know j will help you in all the things, he's also affected because...

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