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2017 Adult Goals
- I targeted to increase my world index shares last year and now I own 950 units. - Hubby got his partner visa this year. I processed his documents for months and sent hubby to medical exam and everything went well. Yay. His visa was granted in three months time. Thanks to my document compilation skills. - Hubby and I bought an apartment unit. - I personally processed the home loan and spoke to solicitor. I feel like a real adult. - We had our new apartment freshly painted. - We will be replacing the flooring with engineered timber floors. - I want to renovate the...
I thought about daddy the other day and I can't help but sob. It is true that once you lose someone close to your heart, the pain will never go away. It is not physical pain but a constant twitch in the heart. It will linger, like that stiff neck that every so often comes back to haunt you whenever you sleep at the wrong side of the bed. Most days you feel totally fine but some days it drives you crazy. I can never think of anyone (aside from my mom) who will love me like my daddy does. He is my hero and he will forever live in my heart.
I haven't been blogging, mostly because for the year 2014, my life was close to perfect. There was nothing to complain about. Found a good job. Lucky to have nice colleagues. Location is at the Rocks area. Salary was decent. Flatmates were easy to get along with. We lived in the posh suburb of St. Leonards. I got to eat fresh fruits and veggies. I can afford to splurge a little. I visited Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast. Did a few roadtrips to Kiama, Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains. I made friends with a few nice people. I had a boyfriend. I couldn't ask for more. And then,...
Spending Easter Weekend In Melbourne
All about traveling to Melbourne... It is more quiet than Sydney. It has great food. The dingy looking Mekong restaurant serves epic phos. Brunetti cafe is overpriced. but they serve great coffee. Koko black is overrated. Brother bubba is good. Little Bourke street is not that little. It's a long street to walk around. Lygon has a lot of nice italian places. Fitroy garden is just another garden. The trams are easy to get around to. Yarra river is dirty. Crown casino is huge and offers great food options. Hosier lane is a great spot for photo taking. Degraves street is a nice...

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