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--Find a new, creative accountant who can get me to pay less than $600,000 a year in taxes. --Get my boss to stop favoring me at work. --Finally pick which big movie studio I want to be in business with and stop leading on all the other ones. --Break it off with Heidi Klum. --Stop flaunting my ability to fly.
I went to the Getty Museum last month with my family to check out the BERNINI EXHIBIT OF BAROQUE SCULPTURE. I've been a fan of Bernini's work for a while, but was still unprepared for how impressive his stuff is in person. It's just stunning. I came armed with drawing materials with which to sketch, but had a difficult time doing so for two reasons. 1. As is always the case, I didn't have enough time (I'm not the fastest person with a pencil) 2. The place was packed. Tons of traffic parading around the sculptures had the effect of not only obstructing my view but distracting my...
I've been working on this guy forever, but I'm finally saying that my custom, scratch-built Jumbo Machinder of Ganira is finished. Yeah, it would be great to bust out the Pegas for scale, but I'm just too tired to dig him out of storage. You'll just have to do with the red Gaiking/Daimos hybrid by Famosa for scaling purposes. <P>
I recently saw the new Chris Rock special on HBO, "Kill the Messenger," and Mr. Rock's stand-up is still very, very strong. The material was great - not significantly less or more great that his past few specials, but the format of this one was a bit different. This special took three different performances - one in New York, one in London and one in Johannesburg - and edited them together. I'm pretty sure it was all the same material on three separate nights, but spliced together. And this wasn't something that they were trying to hide. He was wearing different outfits on each night...

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