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Main blog:Henry
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Fast forward 12 years
Been a while since I blogged here. They actually disabled my account. Can you imagine? Only twelve years.... Perhaps I didn't blog much because I think that during the Obama years we had it good: understanding, intelligent president, lost of government transparency, and progress on things I care about like the environment, discrimination, and healthcare. Sure, there's always room for improvement, but at least it was solid leadership. I have very little positive to say about the current administration. Wait, there is one thing: Vice President Pence has selected a MAS (Miniature...
True Colors
Oh the irony. The Little Emperor has had his share of troubles in the past week. Some of us on the sidelines can't help but grin... "W" had some of his conversations taped by an early mentor without his knowledge, and now they are causing a stir. Oh the irony, that the state where the taping took place was Texas, because Texas allows a recording of a telephone conversation without the other party's knowledge. Might have been helpful for W to modernize the state's antique privacy laws while he was Governor. Recently we find the government creeping slowly into every aspect of our...
Red Sox and Election Tuesday
The media is finally giving more attention to the electoral college. I wonder if they shy away from it because most people don't really understand it. Certainly it is more complicated to explain than a soundbite would permit, but isn't that part of the media's purpose? Aren't they in the best position to educate? Well, here is one story that I recommend by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post: Electoral College Calculus. It is a shining example of what we need in the media: a catchy title, some solid information, and a list of potential electoral college outcomes that should wake us all...
If you look at http://www.electoral-vote.com/ you'll see what the real current state of the election is. As of today, 228 e-votes for Kerry, 284 for Bush. Not as close as what the mainstream media wants you to believe. When the media declared a "dead heat" today, they are misleading the public. I believe that in order for Kerry to win, he MUST take Florida. Even then, it might be close. But he must change the focus of his message to appeal to senior citizens and bring in as many heavy hitters as he can to stump for him. To his credit, Kerry chose to show up for the AARP convention...

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