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Jennifer Ellaine S. Trinidad
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Main blog:pain killer
Birthday:December 2nd
Education:Some college
Location:Philippines, caloocan

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Astrological Sign:Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Existing as:Angel- one wing
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Exercise:Couch potato
Your Home:Live with parents

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matagal tagal ko naring inabando ang blog nato
currently contemplating if i should make another blog. if in case i do. wont tell it to anyone. Just, well... find me....
Lahat ng Visitors at nag tag sa tag board read this!!!
May away sa blog ko! WAAAAHHH!!!! Ok this is really weird. Bakit may nag aaway sa blog ko? Basilik and Basilik…I… Guys guys! keep your cool! Ano ba problema nyu? Ate lorie pinapansin naman kita ha??? Wag mo ako awayin. To ate leigh: Hoy pinsan pinapansin naman kita ha? Ano ba pinagsasasabi mo?! Hehe. Ganyan ba pag stress? Kamusta na exam mo? Nga pala ok na ba yung computer shop nyo? W0w sarap buhay 24/7 online! To lady in love: ikaw din ba si ate leigh o ibang pinsan ka pa??? *kamut ulo* bwahahha! Sorry ka, nag pa dsl na kame! Bwahahha (tawa ng kontrabida)....
lag ang isp
Nakakinis ang ganitong feeling. gusto kong mag laro ng rose pero lag ang isp. Grrrrr. Ang hirap ng dial up. nakaka-inis. sana mag pa dsl na kame. Haaayy.... Tapos, kahit mag surf ka lang, lag parin. Hmph talaga! laging page cannot be displayed. At hindi lang yun. pahirapan pa mag connect minsan 21kbps lang ang connection mo! Grrrr! hay na ko disconnect na muna ako bago pa ako mainis ng Todo. Meron pa naman ako ngayun. Hmph!
"Hannee" (Stilbo:part 1)
I thought maybe it’s about time I talk about my barkada… First stop. Hannah. Hannah… We call her hannee. Hannah Esther Petrache. She’s my best friend. I love her a lot. She knows all my fears and all the things I like most. But we’re not like the way we used to be. First, she got her car. Then she graduated. Then she moved to Laguna. Now she’s working at Hallmark… What’s next? I dunno, I don’t even see her anymore. Come to think of it. I cried numerous times in front of her. I told her my deepest secrets. When I’m depressed I call her. But hey, she never shed a...

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