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Jamy Foong Mee Yee
General Information

Main blog:PC520 jamy on Net
Birthday:April 21st
Occupation:Retail / Food services
Education:Bachelors degree
Location:Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information



Body Size:Average
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Curly - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Thrift Store

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Existing as:Shadowkin
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Exercise:Walking to the car only
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:plain jane
Likes:day dreaming; watching tv; sleeping; reading; fooling around; have cuppa wif frens; gossipping (main talent)
Dislikes:ppl who exagerate; horror movies
Interests:fashion, net, online games, clubbing, hair culture, other ppls general affair

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Re-location of blog site..
Thank you for visiting here.. please kindly note that the new site for this blog has been changed to . You are welcome to view any future postings and updates. Thank you and have a nice day!
Redang Island, Laguna Beach Resort 01/04/2006 - 03/04/2006
White Sandy Beaches.. crystal clear water... Green and Blue Marine Sea My dear blog... A long long long long time since the last time i made the last entry... not that I'm lazy.. but I can't seem to find the time! I've been packed by work for the last few weeks.. mostly becuz there's much much more to do now.. and new associates are being recruited last month.. phewwwww...... it's really energy-consuming to train them.. especially if they are not the *bright* type..younoewarramean? But fortunately, at least majority of them are able to catch things up pretty fast..except one *tut*...
Paradise.. made in Heaven... Redang Island 01/04/2006 - 03/04/2006...
Left & Right .... .. Laguna Lobby after body massage therapy...and foot reflexology...NICE!
Paradise.. made in Heaven... Redang Island 01/04/2006 - 03/04/2006...
swimming in the sea..walking on the beach.. all in da beauty of dusk light.. 3 in a bunk... did anyone notice the cigar?? OMG.. my face is red like lobster..too much sun and snorkelling.. and it will burn like hell! **sun block? = useless*~*

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