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because i like the person that i am everytime i am with you. because with you around, the world becomes a better place. because no matter how bad things are going, you can make everything seem worth it. because you make me laugh. you make me smile. you make me see life in different angles. because we can talk about anything and everything, and we argue, and we disagree, and we agree to disagree. because of the sense of adventure you bring into my life. because of your smile. because of your eyes. because of your commitment to deliver your deliverables with excellence. because...
they lied about time healing a broken heart
time does not heal a broken heart because a heart can be stubborn. it can hold on forever and not listen to reason. a broken heart does not become whole again over time. no, sir, it doesn't. for many a fool has lived and died bitter, lonely and depressed. but one thing i know is true, it takes a willful heart to mend again and an opennes to something new. and a shattered heart can only heal when the head is used to guide it.
some days
some days your heart will be broken some days your mind will be confused some days your soul will be wounded and you'd ask yourself why.. some days people will be mean some days the world will feel like a traitor some days your friends will disappoint you and you'd feel like retreating to a corner. some days will be tiring some days will feel endless some days will drive you nuts and you'd feel angry and exhausted. some days will be rainy and the wind will blow you down.. some days will be snowy and the snow will freeze your courage.. but notice i said "some days" because the other...
there is wisdom is silence there is power in patience. there is comfort in tears. there is warmth in solitude. there is something rational about being irrational and there is something perfect about imperfection. it's not about what is nor what the society dictates. it's about being you and having the courage to show it.

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