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General Information

Main blog:mycr8zlife
Birthday:December 1968
Occupation:Technical / Computers
Education:School of life
Location:United States, Maine


Body Size:Few extra pounds
Height:5' 5" (165 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Green
Hair Style:Straight - Long
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Practical

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with husband and kids

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Crossing paths
You, too, can rise above. This past weekend I walked my first 5K. My husband didn't come to root me on or see me at the finish line. That stung just a bit. But you know what? I had friends rooting me on. I had supporters. My new friend text me her support before I started. When the race started I quickly fell back as my team mates moved up the hill at a fast pace. I felt deflated as I fell into line with the back of the pack. I ended up walking next to an 80+ man. We started talking and sometimes all you need is a connection with someone. He inspired me to step it up and move...
Adult Children
This entry is a difficult one. My adult child has decided I was a terrible mother and wants nothing to do with me. I really don't understand, however, I did some research and have realized that this happens to a lot of parents. So I'm going to put it out here. I know there are parents living with this heartbreak. Some parents deserve being disowned, honestly. However, some really do not. A part of me is angry because I think its a cop out ~ the children blame how they are now on the parent. The operative word is NOW. I get it in a foreign way. My upbringing led me to the...
A new friend was inquiring about possibly starting a blog. This blog is likely not the kind she's interested in. There are no advertisements and it doesn't make me any money. However, this blog does serve a purpose. It is to capture my own internal awakenings and setbacks. The awakenings have been about as slow as the time length between entries. I didn't just step back. I think fell back and I ran in the other direction. Maybe I thought I could start all over; a brand new life. As great as that sounds, the ghosts of the past follow. Sooner or later they step in the path and I'm...
Wow, Double Wow
I was surprised enough to realize this blogdrive site is still going strong...wow! I was even more surprised to realize its been 6 years since I posted...double wow. Where did they time go? I can't fathom how it seemingly disappeared. I read the last two posts. Who was that person? I feel so different with each passing year. I know I'm the same underneath the drudgery of my cra8zlife but I don't feel the same. I can never just update you on what's happened. I got remarried, I experienced empty nest, I moved countless times searching for god knows what. I changed jobs...

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