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moving blog2
because i've been experiencing with some technical difficulties with uploading, i've started another HELLEN site on blogspot. please visit for posts after August 26, 2006. thanks!
the campus is reviving with new comers. it's been really exciting for the past week to see new (and old since my med school really likes its own undergrads) faces in and around the dorm. pre-orientation started on thursday and a group of us went around did volunteer acvities in the city, like building houses for habitat for humanity and cooking at soup kitchens. was nice exercise for me who is out of shape. the original plan on the first day was to landscaping the yard of a house but because of the rain, we all went inside and painted/stained boards instead, inhaling the cinnar fumes...
trouble of windows update
out of nowhere, my pc started to run very slowly, checked system restore, found that something called "software distribution service 2" is installed, apparantly as a part of the automatic windows update. microsoft does not have anything official about this. afetr googling for a while, found that a lot of people are having problems with it and no one knows what exactly this thing does and why it's causing so many problems, mainly things slowing down, and some random deletion of emails/files, and denial of access to web pages. almost sounds like a censoring tool or something that monitors...
tree shadows
as i was walking down hillhouse ave today, noticed that the shadows of leaves on the trees were out of focus and wondered why. the time was around 1pm, so the sun was shining directly from above. the shadows of street lamps which were of the smilar height were pretty sharply defined. but the tree leaves were blurry and the space betweem the leaves were almost perfectly circular, very very out of expectation for something found in nature. the circles of light were also of almost uniform size for those near each other. isn't this strange? i tried to reach my hand as high as i can to...

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