General Information

Birthday:April 25th
Occupation:Teacher / Professor
Education:Some college
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Race/lineage:Pacific Islander
Location:United States, Florida, St.Pete

Contact Information



Body Size:Slender
Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Green
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Pale
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Hi-Fashion
Undies:Free Willy
Piercing Info:Ive had my lip pierced, i have my ears pierced 10times, my boob, and soon to be my belly buttion.
More Details:Im going to turn asexual for the next 3yrs if my relationship doesnt turn out well, well ill be asexual, if im not drunk,nakedm or im having a super fantastic day.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Separated
Family Info:I need a boy to wear the pants in a relationship, to have something more then words.
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with roommate(s)
Biography/About:I can't spell and my grammer sucks but i can make a bitch bite the kurb.
Likes:to much.
Dislikes:just about everything.

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:Pink, the singer, i like her hair style.
Books:Steal Toes
Bands/Artists:Gwen Stefaine,MCR,The Used,MSI,Dixie Chicks,Lost Profits,Retard-O-Bot,the clash,real big fish, can't do it,311,Sense Fail,the virus, clit 45, casulties,liz phiar, devatcas,the eyeliners,the killers, aqua bat,match box romance,steleto killers,Cky,misfits,bloc party,bowling for soup,dashboard,catch22,fall out boy,scilencefalls,No doubt,Eminem, pink floyd,blink 182,cake,unwritten law, jimmy eat world,amor for sleep,kelly clarkson,all american rejects,rancid,the postal service,the black maria,straylight run,scars of tomorrow, the acadamy is..,comeback kid,atreyu,hawthorne heights,Aiden, the hurt process,a perfect murder,bury your dead,the Aka's,Darkest hour,days away,fall out boy,less then jake,midtown,papa roach,cohead and cambria,Marlin Manson, hot hot heat,oxymoron,the vigilantes,lower class brats,anti flag,thursday,blonde, madona,pat benitar,relineK,greenday, june (yes jordin its a band),xray specs,sublime,velvet revolver,chevell,something corpret, minor threat,sum41,flogging molly,the darkness,punchline,panic at the disco,R.E.M, U2,linkin Park, switch foot,hobastank,ALKALINE TRIO, remones,acdc, amor for sleep,bare naked ladys, BOb marley,cronic futor,mud vain, system of a down,the exit,exploded,the F-ups, a global threat, the hives, mxpx, goldfinger,guttermouth,hellogoodbye,Last Days of April,Oi scouts,operation ivy,pennywise,pixies,pretty girls make graves,rise against,rufio,sex pistols,Social Distortion,sugar cult,suidie girls,subhumans,Toxic narcotic, tusami bomb,the vines,zero,...etc PANIC AT THE DISCO
Songs:Rilo Kileys "Does he love you"
TV Shows:lost.
Movies:50 First Dates
Actors:adam sandler, drew berrymore
Colors:Blue, majestica
Drink:orange juice, apple juice, cream so'ta.
Quotes:"I was never wrong, But he was always right" -April.May.

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