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Main blog:Santai Muslimah
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Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Biography/About:simple but adorable...I love to smile and laugh..

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The Hijab
The HIJAB Nowadays, the general perspective of the common folk, with regards to the Hijab, is a totally unguided, misleading vision of an oppressive degradation of women, where individuals are forced to cover themselves and reduced to nothingness in society. This idea is based on misconceptions which in effect hides and distorts the truth behind the veil! The first thing we must understand is the concept of Hijab. The literal meaning of the word Hijab is to veil, partition or place a barrier between something. This does not solely refer to clothing and does not exclusively address...
Woman In ISLAM..a poem
How do women fit into islam? What is their fate? This has been the subject of many a debate 'for the believing men and women, is a great reward' this is from surah al azaab, the words of our Lord it can be seen from reading the holy Quran that a woman has some privilege over a man praying is exempted during menstruation here islam gives women consideration a woman after marriage becomes a wife for nine long months she carries new life during childbirth she is exempted to fast islam is against the burying of girls in the past they can pray at the mosque or even at home they may marry or...
Assalamualaikum wrt wbt, Peace and Mercy be to ALLAH swt. Here is an interesting article on love..I found it while browsing for my next writing. Just wanna share it with you, so I put it here... What is love and how does one achieve it? Love is something so complex that no words can define it. There are many meanings and forms and types of 'love.' Does the love for others mean kindness and affection, having moral nobility, and human respect, not a means of satisfying carnal desires and material whims? Is true love for others a feeling of affection which is free of motivation, pollution...
a dedication...
THE WOMAN!!! The Woman I admire wearing her attire hiding her figure, thus, curbing my desire.. The Woman I desire fearing the (hell) Fire is diligent in her prayers for the rewards of life hereafter... The Woman I encounter is beyond bother with the keen race to beautify the face! The Woman I ask from dawn to dusk is busy with ALLAH murmuring, subhan'allah, subhan'allah, subhana'allah The Woman I observe certainly deserves better respect than what she expects The Woman I listen is very, very stern for her it is a must to control one's lust But the Women I see sad to say, most wear...

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