General Information

Main blog:Gloriana
Birthday:August 6th
Education:Some college
Religion:Not religious
Location:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Also Goes By:G, G-funk/Gfunk, G. Lo, Glorilicious, Minx, G-Minx/Gminx, G-Dawg, Glorox, Gloworm, DayGlo, Glorificus, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Glorisaurus (Rex), Gloradactyll, Glammalammadingdong, Agent Glorange, Glorizon Wireless, Gloca-Glola, Gloptimus Prime, Da Flash, East Coast Hoser Hussy Queen, Yoria Glip, Glorgasm, Glory Hole, Glouria, Glowbug, Glaphod Beeblebrox, Glorichu, Glaustraliopithicus, Grasshopper, Glocoa Puff, Glotosynthesis, Glorygloryhalleluja, Glocose, Glory Be, Gloompa Loompa, Glonan the Barbarian, Gloogle, Glock .40, Gloriator, Glousiana
Praise: SOLENDER: "No one can withstand the combined might of all seven Gloriacons." DAVID: "I do have a dead spot in my soul.... I named it Gloria." LEE: "Gloria is a round to stop us being square." JFZ: "If 'dinner' is the tasty fuzz and lint balls from a rainbow colored sock that Gloria has been wearing, I say, 'bon appetit.'" SINJA: "You're a real son of a bitch." DEANNA: "I wish I were the ant on her Mobius strip."


Body Size:Slender
Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Straight - Long
Undies:Briefs - Short Leg Boxer
Tattoo Info:None.
Piercing Info:Two holes in each earlobe.
More Details:I have unusually straight thumbs.
Shoe Size:7

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:One mother. One father. Eldest of three. One brother, 2 years younger, ever referred to only as Other Brother. One brother, Wesley, 12 years younger.
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Biography/About:I will misuse semi-colons on purpose if it suits my intent. I also like the swears.
Likes:Houndstooth, Burberry check, cufflinks, chivalry, common sense.
Dislikes:Jackson Pollock.
Interests:World domination, Rome, fire!, art, art history, architecture, mythology, etymology, semantics, explosions, monkeys, men's fashion, archery, smashing things, socks, knitting, cowboys, fairy tales, snapping pirates' necks (HWAH!).
Smoking:Makes Baby Jesus cry.
Words I Can Use:Winsome; acumen; cadence.

Personal Favorites

Books:The Art of Love, Life of Pi, Ultimate X-Men.
Authors:Lindsey Davis
TV Shows:Battlestar Galactica, The Colbert Report, Cowboy Bebop, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Daria, Firefly, Rick Mercer Report, Simpsons, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Games:Tetris, Duck Hunt, 'Copter Game, MouseHunt
Colors:Black, pink, red, grey, silver, gunmetal, plum, white.
Food:Nutella, spinach, ramen noodles, roast duck, green tea ice cream, dragon beard candy.
Artists:Edgar Degas, J.M.W. Turner, Titian, Jan Vermeer, John Singer Sargent, Bernini, Jan van Eyck, Caravaggio, El Greco, van der Weyden, Cellini, Lawren Harris.

Four Most Recent Entries

To me, goalie fighting is the very height of athletic comedy, almost witty in an absurd sort of way. Two guys -- usually skinny, nimble types -- whose frames have been doubled in size with the padding they wear, whose roles are the least aggressive on the ice, whose talent lies not in power but agility ... the ones all their teammates on the ice are charged to protect, trying to fight each other. The fact they chose to fight one another other, even though they are the two players separated by the greatest distance at all times, shows that they themselves recognize this...
I am loath to admit it, but my initiation as a Trekkie began with Voyager, arguably the most insipid and crappiest of the Trek series. (Pausing to note the irony of feeling shame over the specifics of Trekkism rather than the Trekkism itself. Pause complete.) SF Debris, a really rather good video review series the boyfriend turned me onto, did a perceptive review of "Body and Soul," in which the holographic Doctor, for reasons of life and death, is transferred into the cybernetic implants of Seven of Nine, and as a side effect, ends up controlling her body. The Doctor has always been an...
What so fascinates me about the suit is that it is so close to perfect that it ever only changes very little, very gradually. Over years and years, it is the narrowing of a lapel here, a tightening of a trouser cuff there, the refinement of a silhouette here. Every minute adjustment becomes a rarified signal; every element -- the shirt, the tie, the cuff, all -- gains a paramount importance. It is less a hodgepodge mess that results from the guesswork in ordinary fashion -- but a language, with structure and a vocabulary, worked to express dignity, elegance,...
I don't like air shows. It's a problematic view to hold, for really no reason other than it's socially unpopular. Say you don't find special enjoyment in roaring planes and supersonic booms and you'll be accused of being a fun-hating, soldier-loathing, unpatriotic, soulless bore. I don't see the point of air shows. They don't do a better job of honouring our servicemen and women than the memorial ceremonies we already have, and frankly, that clearly isn't the point anyway. People enjoy air shows for the gee-whiz-bangness of technology (a "sense of wonder" not found in everyday life, as one...

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